Chris Pruett and James Bignall

James Bignall (56) talks with Chris Pruett (61) about Chris's experience being homeless. Christ relates how he navigates being homeless and ideas for how to help the homeless.

Voting Barrier: Apathy
October 26, 2018 App Interview

One of the major barriers to voting is apathy. Apathy is the lack of interest, enthusiasm, and concern for something. In this podcast, we explore the reasons why people feel apathetic towards the voting process.

Melynn Huntley and Sonya Letson

Friends and colleagues Melynn Huntley (63) and Sonya Letson (62) talk about their work and passion as election administrators in Potter County, TX. The friends discuss the League of Women Voters in Amarillo, hurdles that this voting year presented to...

Nancy Unger talks about her life growing up and gives alot of great advice.
December 9, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in December 2017 at Sebastopol Regional Library, Trevyn(17) interviews Nancy Unger(65) about her life. She talks about her childhood, school life, Vietnam protests, voting tips, and her career as a gerontologist.

Interview with Katy James

I talked to Katy James, my mother, about her childhood, college, career, and many life accomplishments. We also talked about advice for future generations as well as 9/11.

Voting and Elections-An Interview with my Grandfather

I interviewed my grandfather about his experiences with voting. I asked him questions about previous elections and how he decides on a candidate to vote for.

Kenisha Mahajan and Mia Payne

Friends Kenisha Mahajan (15) and Mia Payne (17) talk about immigration, climate change, the importance of youth voices, and their hopes for the future of New York City.

Grandma Cathy’s Interview

We talked about how she feels about politics and her first time voting, what my dad was like, and her childhood memories.

Adam Grelinger and Matthew Lehman Wiens

One Small Step conversation partners Adam Grelinger (31) and Matthew "Matt" Lehman Wiens (31) discuss how their religious backgrounds have shaped their lives and political views. Adam discusses being a Catholic priest and Matt shares how his Mennonite background informs...

The Adjustments that Maria Bruno Faced

In this interview, conducted on November 5, 2021 in Orange, California, Yesenia Portillo (19) Interviews her mother (47) about mother growing up. Maria reminisces about her childhood stories. Maria describes what it was like to fall in love with the...

Henry Brooks interviews his father Trey Brooks
November 29, 2018 App Interview

I talk with my father about his memories involving many major world events that occurred during his youth. I also ask him about how his childhood differed from that of mine.

Lisa Hoyos, Camron Assadi, and Tara DePorte

Tara DePorte (34) interviews Lisa Hoyos (48) and Camron Asadi (41) about their work around climate change. Lisa talks about her work in mobilizing parents around climate change, and Camron talks about his work with disaster relief. They talk about...

Stephanie Wicks and Kim Varey

Stephanie Wicks (50) speaks with her One Small Step Partner Kim Varey (51) about life experiences that have shaped their political leanings, unlearning judgment to communicate with others, and varying political views by generation.

Chat With My Dad

Chatting with my dad about life as a young person, jobs, and voting.

Mr. Kelly’s Interview

Middle school teacher and I talk about narratives and the importance of independence, responsibility, challenging yourself and voting.

Interviewing a mother about her life and experiences.

Isabelle Haahr interviews her mother (Kristina Haahr) about her life and experiences. Kristina talks about the lessons she has learned in life, and from her family. As well as some of the most important memories in her life. Finally some...

Damon Young and Martin Garcia

One Small Step conversation partners Damon Young (45) and Martin Garcia (40) talk about their beliefs about the economy, religion, and local politics.

Raymond Lakes and Yolanda Lakes

Yolanda Lakes (50) sits down with her father, Raymond "Ray" Lakes (72), to ask about his upbringing in Columbus, GA and the world events, as well as personal experiences, that have shaped his current worldview.

An interveiw with my Grandma.
November 23, 2017 App Interview

We talked about voting and what she felt like the first time she voted. We also talked about her early memories of her village and my grandpa and my mom as a young kid.

November 18, 2020 App Interview

An interview with my mom about her voting experience.

Hannah Rajalingam and Helena Rajalingam

Hannah Rajalingam: 2020-12-22 02:17:50 Hannah Rajalingam (14) talks with her sister Helena Rajalingam (18) about starting college during the pandemic and social and political change that has affected Helena as a new voter and college student.