Gov Interview

We talked about our first on hands experience with voting and government

Luis Barrantes interviews his ex-Marine step-father about voting, careers, and time in service

I, Luis Barrantes, interview my step-father about his career choices and voting beliefs. We discussed his past and current careers. Then, dove into his dream careers and why. We discussed my step-fathers’ father and his career when he moved to...

Fay Williams, Polly Spiegel, Lynn Slivka. It's all voting administration. For the Indiana Voting History Project.

Fay Williams, Indiana Attorney with a long history of voting rights activism and scholarship, discusses the early history of voting and the fight to include African-American Voters on the voting rolls.

Amanda Rawson, Haley Cardamon, and Ruben Escalante

Friends Amanda Rawson (36), Haley Cardamon (23), and Ruben Escalante [no age given] talk about the effects of COVID-19 on their arts community in San Jose, CA. The three friends also talk about voting, and speculate about the future of...

Todd Williamson and Sherry White

One Small Step conversation partners Todd [No name given] (51) and Sherry [No name given] (55) discuss the influential people in their lives, how important simple acts of kindness can be and how life experiences shaped the way they vote.

Brenden Dreiling and Derek Knowles

One Small Step partners Brenden Dreiling (28) and Derek Knowles (32) sit down for a conversation where they talk about creating families post-conservative religious upbringing, the complexities of self-defense and safety with firearms, and what they are most proud of...

McLane Evans and Gilbert Evans

McLane Evans (51) shares a conversation with her father, Gilbert Evans (80), about Gilbert’s work as a poll observer for the federal government to support the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Made in Mexico

“He taught me how to be happy” Tegan Blanchard interviewed his friend’s mom Sylvia Roji in December 2017. She describes what it is like to grow up in Mexico, and how the people around her affected who she is today.

Lisah Crall and Wendy Karrick

One Small Step partners Wendy Karrick [no age given] and Lisah Crall (42) discuss parenthood, grief, role models, faith, the impact of labels, and the future of the country.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Life Experience Homework Assignment.

This interview was conducted in Bowie Maryland on November 20th, 2017. The interviewer was Anna Gardiner interviewing her grandmother about her life experiences. We talked about stories, childhood, school, marriages, voting, and Religion.

The Life of Brandi Jean Smith

This is the interview of Brandi Jean Smith. We discussed her Childhood, Careers, School and voting.

Brian Mitchell and John Knorr

One Small Step partners Brian Mitchell (73) and John Knorr (60) have a conversation where they cover a range of topics from their ties to the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention to their shared view that the polarized nature of...

TJ Menzer and Dante Huerta

One Small Step conversation partners TJ Menzer (35) and Dante Huerta (25) talk about political registration, religion, and how they defined their sense of morality.

gov parent interview

Les Cheng (49), father of Rachel Cheng (16), recollects his experiences with the election process and shares his thoughts and insight on our current government.

Rukiya Lee and Junior Duplessis

Friends and colleagues Rukiya Lee (45) and Junior Duplessis (23) talk to each other about the people and places that have informed their politics, their hopes for New York City, and what they think about democracy in the United States.

Alexys Hillman and Bryan Seifstein

Friends and colleagues, Alexys Hillman (36) and Bryan Seifstein (33), sit down for a conversation about the 2016 presidential election, the 2017 Women’s March, the role politics play in their lives, and the hopes they have for the future of...

Kris Robertson and Idris Lord

One Small Step participants Kris Robertson (57) and Idris Lord (40) talk about not fitting into either political party, how faith guides their political values, and their differing views on the roll of federal government.

Bethany Zarinelli and Jeannette Parker

One Small Step conversation partners Bethany Zarinelli (33) and Jeannette Parker (48) discuss how their politics have changed over time.

Robert Wright – nobody can tell me who to vote for!

Robert Wright is a former serviceman who lives in Indianapolis. An African-american resident of Pike Township, Indianapolis, he tells us about voting while he was on active military duty. He registered to vote for the first time in Fairview, Alabama,...

Alexis Eck and Pratha Purushottam

[Recorded: December 7, 2022] Alexis (20) and Pratha (19) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Alexis is an undergraduate student at the University of Virginia and is passionate about discussing issues such as gun violence, climate change,...

Marilyn Sanders and Brent Shelton

One Small Step partners Marilyn Sanders (58) and Brent Shelton (63) discuss discomfort with their own political "side," patriotism, and the polarization around wearing masks.

Mike Wemmer and Patrick Roberts

One Small Step partners Mike Wemmer (78) and Patrick Roberts (58) sit down for a conversation about changing how we see those with different political views.

Susan Stover and C Campbell

One Small Step partners Susan Stover (67) and C Campbell (53) realize they have many parallels in their lives as they talk through their experiences losing their husbands, discuss banned books, and find common ground in their shared perspective on...

Scott Gaglione and Morgan Gaglione

Morgan Gaglione (20) interviews her father Scott Gaglione (40) about his life, their sharing a disease (FAP--familial adenomatous polyposis), and the meaningful experiences they have had together.

Jessica Simmons and Liam Carey

Liam Carey (45) interviews his spouse, Jessica Simmons (45), about her background in education, her experience running for city council as a first-time candidates, and her hopes for New York City.