Politics and Jobs

We talked about political views and jobs here

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Oral History Project

On November 26, 2017 I, Ashlynn Bara, interviewed my dad, Staśi Bara in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. He talked about his childhood and how he became the dad he is today.

Natalie Sargent interviews her dad, Scott Sargent, about his accomplishments and experiences in life.

I interviewed my dad, Scott Sargent, on November 23, 2018 in Vestavia Hills, AL. We discussed his childhood, how being a parent affects him, and his greatest accomplishments in life. Between minutes 4 and 7 he discusses how he created...

Robbie and Charles Williams – on voting and working the polls, "It's about fairness."

Robbie Williams Real Estate Broker Sales Consultant. Charles Williams is a Retired Butler University Executive in Residence/Career Mentor. They moved to Indianapolis in the early 60s, and have been voting and working the polls since then.

I.A. Government Interview
October 23, 2021 App Interview

6 questions about the individual political views

November 18, 2020 App Interview

An interview with my mom about her voting experience.

Duvi Matsumura and Julie Beel

One Small Step conversation partners Duvi Matsumura (50) and Julie Beel (55) talk about being mothers and how they engage with politics.

My dad and I

My dads opinions and thought about politics and voting.

An interveiw with my Grandma.
November 23, 2017 App Interview

We talked about voting and what she felt like the first time she voted. We also talked about her early memories of her village and my grandpa and my mom as a young kid.

Chat with Gma

We talked about life in Nebraska, life in Utah, and some other stuff.

Christian Beliefs and How They Affect Voting

My Grandfather grew up in a democratic household that only supported the left because of FDR who was a great president during the Great Depression. As political ideologies changed, he realized that the democratic party did not fit any of...

Reverend Felipe Martinez and Tracy Heaton de Martinez. Columbus Indiana."The Indiana Voter ID law DOES hurt me."

Reverend Martinez and Tracy Heaton de Martinez live and work in Columbus Indiana. They discuss the differences between voting in Indianapolis, the capital city, and in Columbus, Indiana, a smaller city. Also, voter ID laws.

The Poverty Political Barrier

Join Enrique, Ashley, Jake and Lesley as they discuss how poverty affects voting in the united states.

Valdir Solera and Syma Mohammed

Valdir Solera Jr. (31) talks with StoryCorps interviewer and friend, Syma Mohammed (33), about his involvement in his community in Mauii getting refugees and immigrants registered to vote, as well as his position as a delegate for Refugee Congress. He...

Interview with My Grandmother #thegreatlisten #firstvotingmemory #guncontrol #relevantissuestoday

My grandmother talks about her first ever voting memory when she was 21 years old in Whittier, California, and a certain issue that she votes for in elections.

Interviewing a mother about her life and experiences.

Isabelle Haahr interviews her mother (Kristina Haahr) about her life and experiences. Kristina talks about the lessons she has learned in life, and from her family. As well as some of the most important memories in her life. Finally some...

Mr. Kelly’s Interview

Middle school teacher and I talk about narratives and the importance of independence, responsibility, challenging yourself and voting.

The Adjustments that Maria Bruno Faced

In this interview, conducted on November 5, 2021 in Orange, California, Yesenia Portillo (19) Interviews her mother (47) about mother growing up. Maria reminisces about her childhood stories. Maria describes what it was like to fall in love with the...

Adam Grelinger and Matthew Lehman Wiens

One Small Step conversation partners Adam Grelinger (31) and Matthew "Matt" Lehman Wiens (31) discuss how their religious backgrounds have shaped their lives and political views. Adam discusses being a Catholic priest and Matt shares how his Mennonite background informs...

Raymond Lakes and Yolanda Lakes

Yolanda Lakes (50) sits down with her father, Raymond "Ray" Lakes (72), to ask about his upbringing in Columbus, GA and the world events, as well as personal experiences, that have shaped his current worldview.