Veteran Experience

This interview is about a experience from a war veteran.


In this interview, me and my loving grandmother went over a few things about her life!

Interview with Grandpa Harper

My grandfather answers some of my interview questions about military life and more.

Vince Myers life story overview

In this interview I talked about what his life was like growing up.

The Vietnam war from my grandfathers view

My interview was over FaceTime I asked my grandpa about his experience in the Vietnam war he talked about how it affected his life going into it and after it he said that it didn’t have much of a big...

Interview with my Oma

We talked about her early childhood, her life in the concentration camps, and her love life.


Interview with my grandpa about wwll, and his life in Greece at that time

Jeanne El-Hindi discusses her interests in Middle Eastern studies and what life was like in Syria.

In this interview, conducted in January 2018 in Vienna, Virginia, Leigh El-Hindi (16) interviews her mother Jeanne El-Hindi (48) about her interests in Middle Eastern culture and her time spent in Syria. The interview starts with Mrs. El-Hindi's childhood in...

U.S. History / Interactive Media Project

I asked my mother Nicole about her father and his time he served overseas.

Interview with My Mum #hinghamoc2017

Here we talk with my mom and her early life struggles in Vietnam and how she adapted to life in the US.

James Mack

Emotional interview with Grandpa

The Story of Kadiatu Sheriff

Kadiatu Sheriff, my mother, gives me a look into her struggle in Africa, her move to the U.S., and how she adjusted to the American lifestyle.

Coming to America

In my interview, I discuss with my dad the hardships of growing up in Lebanon and moving to the United States.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Event that most influenced your life.

Vietnam War

Jess Gordon was almost drafted for the Vietnam war. This is his story....

Charles Farmer

My uncle Charles telling me about his time in the military

Love Letters of 1953

In early 1953, during the Korean War, Chuck Trezza began writing letters to Arline Gaeta. This love letter affair turned into 62 years of marriage.