Chase Wakelin and Roger Howard on the Politics of Conflict

Chase Wakelin interviews his great uncle Dr. Roger Howard about his life experiences, centering around his time in service during the Vietnam War. They continue on to recent events, discussing the similarities and differences between that past conflict and its...

Nataliya Povod, Diana Abramenko, and Mary Connin

Friends Nataliya Povod (23), Diana Abramenko (22), and Mary Connin (70) talk about Nataliya and Diana's travels, aspirations, and their journey to the United States after the war in Ukraine broke out last year.

Meet Ukrainian Folk Artist & Educator, Mia Naumenko!

Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck interviews Mia Naumenko, who is an educator and Folk Artist of Ukrainian History & Educator Center of New Jersey. In this interview, Mia describes her folk traditions of Ukrainian Foodways, as well as upcoming classes at...

Jean Strait and Richard DeGeorge

Jean Strait [no age given] and One Small Step partner, Richard "Steve" DeGeorge (62), share political leanings and opinions on topics like mental health, the public education system, and defunding police departments.

Joanne Goodwin and Colton Cossitt

One Small Step conversation partners Joanne Goodwin (58 ) and Colton Cossitt (23) discuss their differences and similarities in their views on capitalism, government programs, environmentalism and guns.

Inna Mihai – Fleeing Ukraine and Coming to America

I interviewed my friend, Inna Mihai, age 30, about her experience fleeing the Ukraine War and coming to the United States. Inna and her son, Zhenya, were sponsored by a friend, Elena, who worked in Ukraine through Peace Corps. Elena...

Beverly DuGay and Brandon Gaide

One Small Step partners Beverly "Bev" DuGay (90) and Brandon Gaide (40) talk about their upbringings, the challenges that they have observed in their church communities, and their experiences of finding friendship in different places.

Emily LeGree and Dennis Yutchishen

[Recorded: September 23, 2022] Emily (20) and Dennis (76) record a One Small Step Conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Emily is a second-year student at the University of Virginia and shares a passion for issues of food insecurity and homelessness. Dennis...

Christine Booth and Jon Giaimo

Christine Booth (46) and One Small Step partner Jon Giaimo [no age given] discuss the consequences of social media, the Black Lives Matter movement, the homelessness crisis, and America's position in the war in Ukraine.

Chase Wakelin and Anita Arms, an American Perspective on the War in Ukraine

Chase Wakelin interviews his great aunt Anita Arms. They talk not only about her military service but how that service has effected her stance and view on the current war in Ukraine.

Gloria DiFulvio and Timothy Hoyle

One Small Step partners Gloria DiFulvio (56) and Timothy Hoyle (63) reflect on their experiences as local elected officials and share how their political views have changed over time.

Bobby Mandell and Ben Hodges

Friends and One Small Step conversation partners Bobby Mandell [no age given] and Ben Hodges (64) talk about their upbringings, their political values, and their careers in civil and military service, respectively.

Chase Wakelin and Bill Mayall Part III: A Life of Service and the Importance of the Ukrainian War

In the finale of this 3 part interview Bill Mayall recalls his lifelong military career, and relates his experiences and wisdom to the current conflict in Ukraine.