Living History Project- Lauren Cameranesi

Interview regarding the war on terror and it’s impact on American life through first hand experience.

War on Terror

The story from a mother about how the war on terror has affected her life.

9/11 Terrorist Attacks

Speaking to my dad about his thoughts and experiences after the 9/11 attacks.

War On Terror

The war on terrorism and the effects and outcomes of both modern day and past terrorism was discussed.

Humanities Interview

This interview between Logan Szott and his mother Heather Szott covers Heather’s personal history growing up in L.A. and beyond, connecting to multiple historical events, cultural trends, and personal experiences. The interview contains segments of Heather’s early life with her...

9/11 Interview

9/11 interview with Elyssa Kohlhagen

9/11 Interview

My father and I talked about his experience with 9/11 and how it has affected the world today.

France vs US

This interview was conducted at the interviewees house, in Erie Colorado on May 20th 2019. Kara Jensen is interviewing her french mother about growing up in France, about moving to the United States, and about historical events that occurred in...


In this interview we talked about the event of 9/11. I centered the interview on her personal experience and opinions.

Living History Project: War On Terror, Stephen Ban, Alex Ban

This interview is about the story of a man who was impacted through having many colleagues and friends who passed away in 9-11.

War On Terror

My mother talks about how she remembers the war on terror.

War On Terror Interview

Paul Kelly, interviewed on his thoughts about the War on Terror.

9/11 pt.2

My mother’s point of view on the twin tower attack.

September 11th

Robin Bender shares her experience dealing with the September 11th terrorist attacks.

9/11 interview with Karen Zelden

Karen explained her whereabouts on 9/11 and how It effected her

Affected by 911

I asked my mom about 911 and she gave full detail on how she remembers it exactly

Living History Project – 9-11

An interview of a pilot who was in route to New York on the morning of September 11, 2001 when the towers were hit.

War on Terrorism

I interviewed my mom about the War on Terrorism beginning on September 11, 2001.

War on Terror

I asked my dad about his thoughts and reactions regarding the war on terror.