Brian Lis 9/11

My dad and I talk about his remembrance of 9/11.

Election of 2008

The election of 2008 was discussed in the interview and how it had impacted Jewel as foreigner in America. It helped her evaluate what the future might end up like for her the good and bad

His 1050 interview

In this interview, I discuss the opinion on the Cold War and the Relationship between Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan.

Election of 2008

I briefly interviewed my friend on what she remembers from the election of 2008.

1967 Detroit Riots

This is an interview with my grandmother about her experience in Detroit while the riots were taking place.

The Vietnam War- Cheryl Tank

I speak with my mother about our family's experience during the Vietnam war.

His1050 Sydney Grenier interview with ken Nelson

I spoke with my grandfather about the day Kennedy was assassinated. He recalled specific details and events of that day and you can listen to that in this interview!

Jonathan Gomez Interview on 9/11

I talked to a family friend, Pete Puga, on how his experience was during the attacks on 9/11.

The First Gulf War

A discussion with my father about what his memories of the First Gulf War were.

A New Face in the White House

My partner and I discussed about the presidency of Barack Obama and how it affected the world.

9/11 Interview- Kerry Daly

Kerry Daly gives her account of the terror attacks on 9/11 and explains how it changed the world around her

Interview about 9/11

An interview with my dad about 9/11 and his thoughts about the event.

Janice Adams Speaks out about 9/11

My name is Monét Adams and I interviewed my mother Janice Adams about the tragic event of 9/11. She was able to live through this event and now she is speaking out about her emotions.

The Berlin Wall

The presence and fall of the Berlin Wall.

First Gulf War 03/24/19

What was talked about was what the First Gulf War was and how it personally affected my father.

9/11 Coversation WayneStateHistory

In this recording I have a conversation regarding 9/11 with a U.S Air Force Veteran who happens to be my mother

Interview with my grandpa about Michigan during Vietnam War

A recording of me and my grandpa talking about the effect the Vietnam War had on United States culture and media

2000 Election

Kevin Robert’s thoughts on 2000 election

The Vietnam War

Interviewing my grandmother about her experience growing up in the era of the Vietnam War