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Thanksgiving Listen – IS (WCCC)

The interesting stories of a teen growing up in the 80’s and how it’s effected him as a person. *sorry about the awkward interruption.... me yelling was just all good fun, haha!

Thanksgiving Listen JB (WCCC)

Jade Buckland and her great grandpa who adopted her when she was three discuss Jackie’s life and the memories he’s made.

Thanksgiving listen nw-wccc

I interviewed my little sister so you can see inside the mind of a four year old

Thanksgiving Listen AW WCCC

My mother’s life before she had me as well as after.

Thanksgiving Listen EM WCCC

We talked about her growing up stories and all the fun she had. We also talked about family and all that she’s proud of.

WCCC EH Thanksgiving

A summary of my grandma’s life and what’s most important to her.

Interview with Elizabeth

Mom and I discuss her life and challenges she’s faced along with advice she might give to handle the struggles that come with life.

WCCC Great Listen

I interviewed my 7 year old brother Evan to learn a little more about what he feels and thinks about life. 3:00-3:58

Thanksgiving Listen MR-WCC

A grandmother, her son and her grandson speak about her early life, living in Quito, Ecuador in the early 1940’s.

Thanksgiving Listen M.C. WCCC

Talked about life experiences of jobs, childhood, and raising kids.