Jennifer Williams and Cameron King

Mother and daughter duo, Jennifer Williams (46) and Cameron King (19), share a conversation about the impacts of COVID-19 in their lives and contemplate their roles as white women allies in the Movement for Black Lives.

Brenda Armstrong and Travis Oliger

One Small Step partners Travis Oliger (53) and Brenda Armstrong (41) share a conversation about small businesses, their concerns over the political division in the country, and their life stories.

Karen Panzarella and Julie Garel

One Small Step conversation partners Karen Panzarella (57) and Julie Garel (62) talk about their upbringing, the political issues they care about, and their views on today's young people.

Greg Elliott and James Jackson

Friends Greg Elliott (56) and James "Jay" Jackson (56) interview one another on their individual identities, how their race plays into experiences, and the importance of solidarity.

Sean DeArmond and Sarah DeArmond

Sean DeArmond (51) and his wife Sarah DeArmond (37) have a conversation about the non-profit they created ("Voiceless Behind Bars") to help raise awareness of, and pay legal fees for, those in prison who have been wrongfully convicted.

Ursula Baker and Pamela Rhett

One Small Step conversation partners Pamela Rhett [no age given] and Ursula Baker [no age given] discuss their upbringings in parts of Georgia, and the changing political landscape that has both of them concerned.

White Noise Collective reflections: Zara Zimbardo and Toran Ailisheva

Zara Zimbardo and Toran Ailisheva, founders, core members and co-conspirators of the anti-racist organization the White Noise Collective, reflect on a decade plus of community-building, political education, and movement support work.

Lydia Smith-Osborne and Alexa Smith-Osborne

Alexa Smith-Osborne (68) talks with her youngest daughter, Lydia Smith-Osborne (28) about her experiences as part of the first coed class at UVA, her early career as a social worker, and her perspectives on feminism.

Sarah Heeke and Callie Dyer

One Small Step conversation partners Sarah Heeke (37) and Callie Dyer (53) talk about being young mothers, the juvenile justice and foster care system, feeling unrepresented in their region, the political divide and what it means to be a Kansan.

Salome Mwangi and Carolyn Casey

Friends Salome Mwangi (50) and Carolyn Casey (55) talk about lessons learned from their mothers, being mothers themselves, and how privilege, both nonwhite and white, has affected them respectively in complex, nuanced, varied ways throughout their individual lives.

White Privilege in America and Canada

I interview Jordan Massiah on what he thinks about White privilege in America and Canada.

Katie Andraski and Debra Clinton

Katie Andraski (64) speaks with her One Small Step partner Debra Clinton (62) about their experiences growing up and going to school, learning about racial inequality as they progressed in life, reflecting on political division, bonding with their own students,...

Tashara Hoff and Sara Mitchel

One Small Step conversation partners Tashara Hoff (43) and Sara Mitchel (53) share their views on diversity, political discourse, and discuss their careers.

Robynn Reilly and Regina [No Name Given]

One Small Step partners Robynn Reilly [no age given] and Regina [No Name Given] (53) talk about faith, racial issues in the US, and the importance of communicating across difference. They reflect on finding opportunities to discover and rebuild their...

Nathan Lord and Molly Moncure

One Small Step partners Nathan "Nate" Lord (52) and Molly Moncure (69) talk about their concern for the future of our country, and how in the recent past they have come to recognize the privilege they have enjoyed due to...

Lindsi H. and Jessica Holzemer

One Small Step Partners Lindsi H. (35) and Jessica Holzemer (39) talk about caregiving, coping with grief, and the values at the center of their personal and political identities.

Joseph Daniels and Lauren Pearson-Dawe

Joseph Daniels (29) and his OSS interview partner, Lauren Pearson-Dawe (28), speak about their opposing political views and how we can best move forward as a country.

Frances and Ellie Leiter: A Conversation about Being Biracial

Eleanor Leiter (16) talks with her twin sister Frances leiter (16) about what it is like living as a biracial person. This interview also covers the kind of identity Frances feels being half white and half taiwanese.

Aleisa McKinlay and Micah Looney

One Small Step partners Micah Looney (44) and Alesia McKinley (70) have a conversation about about raising children and the loss of friends due to the previous election.

Staci England and Scott Nance

[Recorded Monday, May 1st, 2023] Staci (56) and Scott (66) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Staci has worked in the public school system for over twenty years and is currently a principal in Albemarle County. Scott...

Unpacking the unlearning of White socialization in the United States & transitioning to anti-racism in the context of BLM in 2020

Recorded on July 12, 2020 Joanna Yang (20) interviews Stacey Sharer (40) about growing up in the United States as a White individual, learning about systematic racism through her upbringing, her changing views of her White identity over time, contextualizing...

Sunshine Pray and Apryl Yearout

Sunshine Pray (49) and her daughter, Apryl Yearout (32), share a conversation about their Native American roots, racism, white privilege, and their relationships with their extended family.