Stephen Skeels and Sam Usem

One Small Step conversation partners Stephen Skeels (52) and Sam Usem (36) talk about the effect of the pandemic on their lives, in particular their experiences related to owning and starting businesses. They also discuss their politics, Sam being a...

Getting to Know My Dad

In San Antonio, Texas on January 9th of 2020, I interviewed Rolando Maldonado, my dad. We talked about how his youth, his hopes for me, and how he’s grown as a person. While also mentioning the more comical things in...

Uni own soccer coach

Mr p a former uni coach talks about how life is for him. He talks about his personal life

Gwendolyn Patefield and Ian Stanley Posada

Gwendolyn shares her coming out as transgender story with Ian and even though it has costs her jobs, relationships, her home and for a time caused her to live in crisis, but being correctly gendered makes it all worthwhile

Danielle Bell- Stay At Home Mom

I, Treyshawn Bell (28), interviewed my wife, Danielle Bell (30), who is a stay at home mom from Killeen, Texas.

Entrevista a papá

We talk about being optimistic in this difficult moment of our life, about hard work, family and about our country Venezuela.

Building Bridges: Ms. Ammati

Ms. Amati talks about how she was a social worker and helped many people. She also talks about how her parents always taught her to always be thankful and how people do not owe you anything you always be thankful....

Teaching, Family, and Coaching: Stories about a memorable childhood and even more memorable adulthood.

On November 25 2018 in the home of Gary and Mary Schultz in EHT, Victoria sat down with her grandfather Gary and asked some questions she always wanted to know. To her surprise she gets some interesting and funny stories...

Grandpa Snyder

This is Roland Snyder and he is my grandfather. He told me some of the very important moments in his life.

Family History Interview

My grandpa has had a pretty memorable life, and has learned many lessons and values. He adores his wife for being there through his thick and thin times. Next, growing up, he also shared Chinese traditions with his family and...

Nydia Padilla Rodriguez and John Rodriguez

Spouses, Nydia Padilla Rodriguez [no age given] and John Rodriguez [no age given], discuss the way their marriage and their creative outputs remained strong as they supported each other outside of traditional gender roles.

Sydney Sosa interviews her grandpa about his early life.

Sydney interviews her grandpa about his childhood, family, pervious jobs, and many other things. She is so glad she could have this experience with him to learn more about his life.

Robert Fred Steckman at the Micheal J. Fitzmaurice Veterans Home

Fred talked about his time working at West Point as well as some memories from his time in the military.

Papa Jack Thanksgiving 2018

How would you like to be remembered? What has been the happiest moment of your life so far? The saddest? Talk about Lois Sladkey.

Johnnie Diacon and Nikki Stephens Diacon

Nikki Stephens Diacon (53) interviews her husband, Johnnie Diacon (59), about his childhood, his art, and his connection to Muscogee culture. They also discuss their family's future, remember their two daughters who have passed away, and share their love for...

Matthew LeFluer and Steve Kieselstein

One Small Step conversation partners Matthew LeFluer (32) and Steve Kieselstein (63) talk about neuro-diversity, the US Constitution, issues of race and equality, and how to bridge the political divide.

Clifton Smart III and Frank Einhellig

Friends and colleagues Clifton Smart III (61) and Frank Einhellig (83) share a conversation about the work they did together as president and provost of Missouri State University. They discuss the changes the university has seen under their leadership, the...

James Stulb and Sierra Stulb

Husband and wife James "Erik" Stulb (48) and Sierra Stulb (44) discuss the COVID-19 pandemic, their marriage, their love story, and parenthood.

growing up in the 50’s & 60’s

i talked to my grandmother (72 years old) about what her life was like growing up, and down memories she had from that time. and also about when she was a mother/wife

Greatest Father

I have interviewed my father and heard stories I hadn’t heard before. I has made my knowledge grow with him.

Asking my Dad, Fidelmar Esquivel

On April 24th, 2020 in Anaheim, CA, I asked my dad about how life was when he was younger and what were his thoughts when going through events.