Fall and Winter

Falls and Winters in West Virginia were beautiful but cold but we persevered. Also Mom mentioned that a relative (maybe Connie’s sister) sent her clothes, including snow pants.

Winter Storytime

I asked Jontae about his thoughts on Winter. He ended up telling a story about a bet he took to stay outside for a week in a tent. Find out how it went…

So Wrong, but So Right

Long before texts, emails, and snapchat, if you wanted to talk to someone you either had to write a letter, or use the phone, and not a cell phone. Jake Freedman interviewed his grandfather Saul Freedman about his mid-high school...

"After the first year, it got easier to sell." – Bill Thistlethwaite on creating the Meltdown Ice Festival in Richmond, IN

Bill and Alison talk about why the Meltdown Ice Festival is special, what makes it different, and how the visiting carvers embrace this small Midwestern town in the dead of winter.

Interviewing my step mom

This was kinda a last minute thing had to do it in the car my other account signed me out and I had to make a new account and a new interview.