Kimberly Carlisle, Debbie Green, and Debbie Landreth Brown

Three Olympic athletes, Kimberly Carslisle (58), Debbie Green (61) and Debbie Landreth Brown (63), talk about how they became involved in their sports, describe their training regimes, and reflect on the 1980 Olympic boycott.

Tracee Talavera and Mike Lynch

Tracee Talavera (53) and Mike Lynch (65), Tracee's former coach, share memories of their experiences at the Olympics and also discuss some of the new developments in the world of gymnastics.

Carol Lindsey and Kim Clarke

Carol "Coke" Lindsey (64) and Kim Clarke (54) talk about their experiences as teammates on team handball competing in the Olympics for the United States.

Kathy Rex, Thomas Schneeberger, and Bob Djokovich

Kathy Rex (57) speaks with her fellow Air Force Academy graduates and Handball Players Tom Schneeberger (63) and Bob Djokovich (63) about their experiences and favorite memories of competing, including the 1984 and 1988 Olympic Games.

Julia Clukey and Jack Elder

Olympic luge athletes Julia Clukey (34) and Jack Elder (78) share memories of their experiences during and after their Olympic careers.

Amy Dixon and Christy Fritts

Paralympic athlete Amy Dixon (44) and her racing guide Christy Fritts (48) share memories of them racing together as triathletes and also discuss Amy's experience with vision loss.

Ron O'Brien, Jennifer Chandler Stevenson, and Micki King

Jennifer Chandler Stevenson (60) her coach, Ron O'Brien (81) and her fellow Olympic gold medalist (diving) Micki King (75) reflect on their journeys to, and experiences with the Olympics. They clarify the emergence of women's diving as a professional sport,...

Max Knauer & Kittie Weston-Knauer

At nearly 70 years old, Kittie Weston-Knauer is the oldest female BMX racer in the United States. When she started competing in off-road bicycle races, or BMX, in the late 1980s, she was often the only woman on the track....

Quyen Tran and Bob Casanta

Bob Casanta (72) interviews his friend and colleague, Quyen Tran (43), about her experience relocating to New Jersey with her family as Vietnamese refugees. They also discuss the way that sports and drag performance led Quyen Tran to herself as...