Brenna Cavanaugh interviews her mother about her experiences she had growing up as a woman.

In this interview, Brenna Cavanaugh at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti Michigan records an interview with her mother, Carla Cavanaugh. This interview was for a class assignment for Psychology of Women. During this interview Carla Cavanaugh Told us about what...

Midlife Career Decisions with Francine Hileman

Francine shares some of the struggles she faced as a woman in the workplace. She also mentions the struggles she faced in her first marriage and how it affected her career and family life.

Judy Helm Wright and Dwain Wright

Spouses Judy Helm Wright (78) and Dwain Wright (83) reflect on their 58 years of marriage and answer questions prepared by their children and grandchildren.

Leigh Shaffer and Sandra Shaffer

Leigh Shaffer (21) talks to her mother Sandra Shaffer (58) about her experience as a working class woman in the 80s, working in real estate, sales, and other fields.

Haley Bell interviews her grandma about her experiences as a woman throughout the different stages of her life.

In this interview, Haley Bell, 20, interviews her grandma, Eva Pease, 72, through the StoryCorps connect app. Haley is located in Ypsilanti, MI, and Eva is located in Bay City, MI. This interview was conducted for a psychology course to...

Nell Schneider #3, 7/12/21

Nell Schneider (6/18/1930-) talks with her grandson, Matthew Harrison, and her daughter (Matthew's mother), Sue Harrison, at her Glendale Wisconsin home. During this interview, Nell discusses her graduation from high school, taking and teaching college courses at the University of...

Edna Centola and Cynthia Hardi

One Small Step partners Edna Centola (70) and Cynthia Hardi [no age given] talk about their careers, politics, and the changes in their respective cities.