Rebeca Galindo’s Experience with the first Fort Worth Women’s March

Rebeca Galindo shares her experience and involvement with the first ever Fort Worth Women’s March - the largest march in history. She explains her background and how it has played a role in her advocacy and passion for women’s rights.

Ap World

The Women’s Liberation Movement of the 70s is extremely relevant and relatable to today. As we can see with the Black Lives Matter protests, there are many similarities and differences.

Kristi Hager and Willa Fouts talk about the exhibition "Equal: A Work in Progress"

Kristi Hager (74) and her goddaughter, Willa Fouts (32) talk about mentorship and support over the years, memories of a trip to San Francisco, climate change advocacy, women's rights and Willa's portrait and the feeling of comfort at being included...

Theresa Kilgore and her grandma Ann-Eda Blache talk about her life and their family legacy

In this interview, held in April 2018 in Orange, CA, Theresa Kilgore (23) interviews her grandma Ann-Eda Blache (82) about her life, their family, and her inspirations. The interview takes place in Ann-Eda’s home, which is two houses away from...

Gail Kearns, my mom for the past 49 years

This is an interview with my mother on the day before Thanksgiving when I asked her to reflect on her life. We are sitting in the kitchen of her home near LA where she has lived for the past 54...

"Life is a little easier when who(ever) is teaching you looks like you". Mona Meddin on WABE 2003.

Interview with Mona Meddin (PHD Mathematics at Georgia Tech) in 2003 on the 50th anniversary of Georgia Tech's first female students on campus. Interview by Ted Vegodsky for WABE.

Marcia Oates and Ann Mershon

One Small Step Conversation partners Marcia Oates (68) and Ann Marie Mershon (73) talk about their careers as school teachers and what they learned, the progress or lack there of on women's rights in their lifetime, abortion, and women's athletics.

Lauren Fischel and Valerie Fischel

Lauren Fischel (54) shares a conversation with her mother, Valerie Fischel (79), about Valerie’s childhood, her studies as a dancer, her travels to Europe, her time in Paris, the role that expectations for women played in her life, and her...

Kristi Hager and Leslie Van Stavern Millar talk about Hager's exhibition,"Equal: A Work in Progress".

Kristi Hager (74) talks with Leslie Van Stavern Millar (70) about Hager's Exhibition at the Missoula Art Museum, "Equal: A Work in Progress", their special art friendship over twenty years, portraits, photography and shared commitment to women's rights.

The Fight For Women’s Rights

Growing up during the fight for women’s rights.

My Grandmother Carrie

My grandmother and I had a fun time today sharing her memories. I learned a lot about the generations of women before me. I am incredibly grateful to have such strong women in my life.

I’ve Lived a Lucky Life

Granddaughter and Grandmother talk about stories from living through enormous changes in our world, such as the Women's and the Civil Rights movements. And stories from childhood in the 50's, living in a ever expanding world.

LHP – Ashley Carr and Grandma Bea Carr

I, Ashley Carr, interviewed my grandmother about her childhood during WWII and how women’s rights have evolved during her life.

Grandma Jill
November 25, 2018 App Interview

We talked about life in the 1940s and what it was like growing up at that time.

Interview with Bernice Spier for the Great Thanksgiving Listen, 2015

We discussed Bernice's childhood as a Methodist minister's daughter, her professional challenges, ancestors, places lived, problems moving around, and family.

6,000 Miles to Freedom

It took about 2 years and 6,000 miles to experience any form of freedom for the first time. On January 5, 2020, 15 year old Kian Salehi asks his mother, Nini Salehi, about her journey to America and the challenges...

Life for a girl in the Middle East

Amina Salih talks about how it was growing up in the region of Kurdistan. She explains how Women's Rights wasn't to be ever spoken upon due to the fact that it was seen as "their way of life" and how...

Alexys Hillman and Bryan Seifstein

Friends and colleagues, Alexys Hillman (36) and Bryan Seifstein (33), sit down for a conversation about the 2016 presidential election, the 2017 Women’s March, the role politics play in their lives, and the hopes they have for the future of...

Interview With My Grandma

My Grandma (Patricia Kebbekus) and I talk about her time in the army as well as her life as a child and how she met my Grandpa.

Julia Hughes and Bonnie Hughes

Julia Hughes interviews her grandmother Bonnie Hughes about her high school and college educational experiences growing up. The conversation then fixates on how she became involved with the women's equality movement in the 1960s and 1970s. interview recorded on 2022-09-13.

Ron O'Brien, Jennifer Chandler Stevenson, and Micki King

Jennifer Chandler Stevenson (60) her coach, Ron O'Brien (81) and her fellow Olympic gold medalist (diving) Micki King (75) reflect on their journeys to, and experiences with the Olympics. They clarify the emergence of women's diving as a professional sport,...