Richard friedman

This is the life of Richard Max Friendman. Early life on the east coast. Middle life on the west coast. Raising children on a boat. And the future

Steve K Desroches and Steve R Desroches

Steve K Desroches (47) talks to his father Steve R Desroches (74) about concerts and music of their respective younger days with the elder Desroches reminiscing about seeing such legends as Stevie Wonder, Janis Joplin and Jefferson Airplane.

Interview with radio host Jim Motavalli on his experience at Woodstock

Jim speaks about his experience at Woodstock - it wasn't about the music.

Cathryn Harjung and Michael Hurley

One Small Step conversation partners Mike Hurley (72) and Cathryn Harjung (63) talk about Woodstock, volunteering, local politics, fathers, and family.

Great thanksgiving listen with Judy Adams.

Talked about Judy Adams Moreland family, her time spent living on the outside of the Vietnam war, hippies, the Beatles, Woodstock, ect...

Woodstock – and more
November 29, 2020 App Interview

We spoke about my mom’s childhood growing up in Queens, NY and her experience going to Woodstock in 1969.

Phil Hernick

Interview with Phil Hernick, age 73, about his life growing up in Minnesota with his 6 brothers and sister, his experiences in the PeaceCorp in Liberia - where he learned Gizima Loma - and Guayaquil, Ecuador, plus his time at...

Who is David Antone?

As if this were their last conversation, Sydney belknap interviews her grandpa, David Antone, with questions about his life that Sydney never knew.

Bradley and Ed Towle- The Who at Georgetown University, 1969

Ed Towle III (74)talks to his nephew, Bradley (44), about the time he booked British rock band The Who at a Georgetown University gymnasium for a homecoming concert in 1969. The band's notoriety had swelled by the time of the...

Alan Crichton and Buddy Spaulding

One Small Step conversation partners Buddy Spaulding (64) and Alan Crichton (77) talk about engineering and art and applications in life, as well as religion and religious values, especially related to personal beliefs and complex social issues.

US History 60's Interview

Mallory Heerdt (17) talks with her Grandfather, Thomas Koehler (81) about his time in the 60's.

Celebrating Bubbe’s Life

I interviewed my grandmother, Linda Fisher. My name is Noa Fisher, I am sixteen years old and we are both from New York. My interview's purpose was to celebrate the life of my grandmother(or as I like to call her...