The War Years

I interviewed Nani about the War Years, she talks about her birth in India as well as a few beautiful traveling stories. She touches on her faith and love for the coincidences which make us whole.

Through War and Peace- Primary Source Of Hungary’s most turbulent years

“It is a lovely thing to live with courage and to die leaving behind an everlasting renown.”- Alexander the Great. This is precisely what every Hungarian man, woman, and child thought at 4:00 on October 23, 1956 when the Soviets...

John Interview with Nana

Bertha is John's grandmother and in this interview she tells her life story from her life living on a farm during the Great Depression to her experiences during World War 2 as well as other major events that occurred during...

The Old Days With Dottie

Grandma Dottie recounts tales of growing up, working and raising a family.

Alyssa Walin Interviews her grandmother Carol Moreland about her life.

In this interview conducted in Kansas City, Missouri in November 2017, Alyssa Walin talks to her grandmother Carol Moreland about her life experiences. Carol Moreland talks about her Dad who served in World War 2. She describes her childhood and...

Bicycling down the Rhine 1954 with Ernest Huber

Ernest Huber, age 25 and his friend experience post world war 2 reconstruction by bicycle

The Life of Omi

Omi talks about her life growing up in Germany during WW2 and then moving to the United States.

Learning about my big sister

Younger sister interviews big sister about her experiences as a child.

Sculpture interview

My mom talked about a lot of things. She talked about her parents to about me.

Thelma E. Robinson-Bloesing, age 101, as a young adult and running a trucking company in the 1940’s as a woman. (Part 2)

Thelma shared the story of her first marriage, the start of their trucking company, her divorce and eventual sale of her trucking company, her trip to California and the accident that resulted in the unexpected death of her father.