Me, My Grandpa And The Detroit Tigers

This is a touching story about Bill Fundaro as he talks about his life through the years. The main topic is his family and his many jobs he has had throughout his life. He is currently celebrating his 50th consecutive...

Barney Harris Braves the World (Shortened)

I interview my grandfather, Barney Harris, about his experience during WWII and the time he met Albert Einstein.

Injustice, Forgiveness, Faith & Perseverance: Reflections of a Japanese American Woman

Janet Powell, an 80 year old Japanese American from Seattle, shares pieces of her life story in this interview with her granddaughter. She candidly discusses her experiences as a child detainee in the WWII U.S. government Japanese Internment Camps, her...

Recording – 05-05-2024 16:01:17

My mom gave me an interview about her family who fought in World War two. My family is from Russia.


I weave my life into the greater story of 1934 to the present, the Great Depression, rural America, the child games we played, while man I would marry fire bombed Tokyo,the second world war, repression of the 1950s,west coast jitters...

Joan Hession and Susan Fuchslin

Joan Hession talks with her daughter Susan Fuchslin about growing up near Birmingham and living through the war times during World War II. She talks about how her family’s house was opened up to different women and men serving in...

Growing up After World War Two

This is the story of my grandmothers childhood. She grew up in the post world war two era and experienced life without a father, making her childhood experience a unique one.

Michael DelPercio – Willowood x PC

Pedro Damasceno (17) speaks to Michael (Mike) DelPercio (99). Interview hosted by Pine Crest’s Photography Club at the Willowood Brookdale resident center on August 9th, 2017. Mike shares the story of his life; New York, the Navy, and love. c/o...

Interview with Sebastian & Pamela Sinclair

This is an interview with my grandma on my dads side who was a child during World War Two. During the interview we mostly talk about her child hood but also her memories from life in general.

Bill Norlin, David Edinger, Pam Edinger, and Deb Norlin

Bill was interviewed by his daughters Pam and Deb and his son-in-law David. Talked about growing up during the Depression around educators, his work in the military during WW2 and having a God-blessed life.

A Grandfather's Memory of WWII

I read an except from a book I gave my grandfather many years before he passed away to share memories of his life. This thought on World War II always brings tears to my eyes. He was such a strong...