Teddy Wingfield and Grandaddy Kent

This interview Is about my grandfather and his wrestling career, his life at McCallie as a day student, wrestling at UT, and raising my mom. He traveled many places for wrestling tournaments.

Ramsey Bloy’s Interview

Ramsey Bloy shares his accomplishments, inspirations, and his future with me.

History interview

Coach cook explaining his life as a coach

The Oldest Child

We talked about Jim’s childhood, grandparents, where he grew up, and hobbies. We also talked about why he moved to Utah and married my mom. Another topic was who influenced his life with work and sports.

Best friends part 2

Second part of my interview with my best friend and teammate

work ethic

Today we take a brief look into the work ethic of Adam “AJ” Bruno. He is an Aurora high school football player and wrestler. The real question is how does he do it.

Interview with my mother about how she felt about my brother’s wrestling

I ask my mom how she reacted when my brother lost his first match at one of his first national tournaments, yet still came back to get third place. I interview her about the emotions felt and the relief of...

2nd part.

Ramsey is a wrestler at the University of the Cumberland’s. He shared with me his accomplishments, inspirations and where he hopes to be in the future.

Colton Sweeney and Michael Aanerud

I interviewed Michael about how he coaches wrestling.

Wrestling builds great people

This is an interview from me Wura Yinusa an athlete and Daniel Jefferson my coach. It was a discussion on how my coach came to be a coach, and a discussion on how there are things you can take away...

Interview with my dad

Today, January 2nd, 2022, I interviewed my dad about what his life was like back then and how it is now, and I learned a lot of new things that I have never heard before. this interview was taken in...

Thomas Thias and Jerry Norris

Thomas Thias (65) tell his mentor, Jerry Norris (53), about his childhood, including experiences with high schools wrestling. The two also discuss Thomas' passion and activism for electric vehicles.

Bestfriends and Teammates

Interview with my best friend and women’s wrestling teammate

Ida Larson with Glen after 10 days in the hospital

Ida Larson interviewed by her son Glen, after a 10 day hospitalization. She talks about neighbors, wrestling and other memories