David Pollock and Eleanor Vassili

David Pollock (72) discusses his 40 years of experience with zen meditation with facilitator Eleanor Vassili (34). He talks about discovering zen meditation in recovery after having cancer, his continuation with the practice, and the challenges and benefits of meditation...

The Magic of our Yoga Studio: Jennifer Cooper
August 30, 2022 App Interview

Jennifer and Pam talk about the magic of the yoga studio. Jennifer talks about how she got started and her thoughts about this sacred space. Yoga is a way of life.

Gregory Hartzler-Miller and Cindy Hartzler-Miller

Gregory Hartzler-Miller (55) talks to his wife Cindy Hartzler-Miller (54) about gaining a heightened spiritual awareness and how it has changed his life and their marriage.

FYS Interview about the theme of Counseling and Yoga with Allison Williamson by Sophia Morrison

I interviewed Allison Williamson for my First Year Seminar class at Marshall University. Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories. Franks Sesno’s book...

Sherry Walker and Nikki McPherson

Nikki McPherson (39) interviews her friend and co-worker Sherry Walker (60) about her life, her values, and her beliefs.

Louise Geib and Rishi Bhosale

Fellow "vestibular warriors," Louise Geib (58) and Rishi Bhosale (30), share a conversation about living with and recovering from vestibular disorders.

Angel [no last name given] and Diann Kayah

StoryCorps Volunteer, Diann Kayah (68), has a conversation with Angel [no last name given] (36), in which Angel provides insight on how she has learned to find the silver lining in any bad situation.

Makinde Adedapo and Ayorinde Iranlowo-Ifatunji

Makinde Adedapo (37) talks to his sister, Aryorinde Iranlowo-Ifatunji (23) about growing up, moving to New York, and her relationship to spirituality.

Catherine Keyes-Guichard and Daniel Fine

Catherine Keyes-Guichard (53) talks with Daniel Fine (70) about growing up in Northern California and her memories of being restless, rebellious, and searching. She also discusses moving to Europe 30 years ago, marrying a French man, making her home in...

Soprano on her head

I ask my neighbor about her dog, singing, yoga, and how she found all those things in her life.

Richard Flores and Geoff O'Meara

Richard Flores (34) talks with his friend and former yoga teacher while he was in prison, Geoff O'Meara (42) about finding himself and reflecting on the kind of person he used to be in the past.

The Magic of the Yoga Room: Margie Koch
January 20, 2023 App Interview

Margie and Pam talk about yoga and the magic of meditation. Margie’s practice and yoga instruction have enhanced her life.

Interview with Ms.Kearns

This is an interview with the Assistant Librarian of the Academic Center at MKA.

Liz Player and John Kortmulder

[Recorded: Friday, December 3, 2021] Liz (43) and John (68) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Liz is a mother of three teenagers and teaches at a local elementary school in Albemarle County. John opened a yoga...

Carla Orellana

Carla Orellana [no age given] shares her experience as a blue star mother. She talks about what it was like learning that her son had been severely injured. She speaks about the practices and programs that help her and her...

Hans Riziki

Coming from Moshi, Tanzania, Hanz Riziki talks about the challenges he faced regarding his education, and his pursuit of a new life.

Sharing stories

On November 27th, I interviewed my mom Tonieh. We talked about her childhood, and how it compares to this day and age. We also spoke about some of her struggles in life, like anxiety, and the lessons she has learned...

Mark Wickersham and Lisa Nelson-Haynes

One Small Step partners Mark Wickersham (55) and Lisa Nelson-Haynes (58) discuss yoga and mindfulness, the importance of community, and why Americans have lost their ability to have respectful conversations.

Ariana Morante Cvitanic and Vanessa Rivera

One Small Step Partners Ariana Morante Cvitanic (27) and Vanessa Rivera (34) discuss their families, careers, educations, beliefs, healing, and hobbies.