Abuelita’s journey

In this interview we talk about what life was like for my grandma when she was younger and her overall experiences back then.

Sit down with mom

It was basically a short summary of her life.

Grandma’s Interview 12/1/19

My Grandmother and I talked about her youth and how she met my Grandfather.

Edson and his mother discuss her adventures.

Me and my mother dive deep into her childhood and adolecent years. She talks about moments with my father, her grandfather, and her belief in god. God plays a large role in her life as she has overcome many obstacles...

Grandmother 3.25.18

Talking about life as a child and baby names

Interview with mom
November 28, 2017 App Interview

Me asking my mom random question about her life mostly about her childhood and her teenage years

My Interview
November 27, 2018 App Interview

This is my interview with my dad.

A Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandmas journey through life and what she has experienced though her life. Also what she learned from others and what helped her become who she is today.

Vance and Gramma

Stories about my grandmother and her life

Development Interview with Uncle Bri

Uncle Brian and I went over stories and influences from his youth and hopes for the future to come.

Jenny Rask Interviews Father Gene Rask about growing up, his new life in Portland, Oregon. Interview 7.

Jenny Rask Interviews father Gene Rask about growing up in Butte, Montana and his family's move to Portland, Oregon to find new opportunity for their families. First impressions on their arrival to Portland, Oregon during WWII from Butte, Montana which...

Barbra on her family
January 24, 2020 App Interview

My grandmother reflects on her childhood, her experience's effect on her role as a parent, and family history.


Discussion about the history and our favourite historic person.

The Wonderful Interview with Elizabeth

My wonderful and exciting interview with Elizabeth from the Fellowship Manor

Vance and Grampa

Grampa tells me about his life.

Me and my Grandma Betsy

A brief summary of our family and insight on both my grandma and I. Also her experiences through her life.


Talked about some parts of his life.

Zandra Campbell and Darnyle Wharton

Zandra Campbell (38) interviews Darnyle K. Wharton (50) about his work with Baltimore Ceasefire, and the creative and loving work happening in Baltimore as a reflection of residents' desire and dedication to heal the city and community from violence and...

Steve Kovach shares the stories of his youthful romances, misbehavior, and the plans he had for the future.

The interview was conducted by Rebecca Kovach (16) who interviewed her father, Steve Kovach (53). It was recorded on November 23, 2018, one day before Steve’s 54th birthday. It took place in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in their Grandmothers house....

My mom’s big gay journey.

My mom and I talk about her growing up in small town Florida as a gay kid during the 80s and 90s.