Hollie A with The Arc Of Greater Beaumont

A conversation with Hollie A an employee of The Arc of greater Beaumont. A non- profit working directly to create possibilities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to grow, learn, and live.

Haley Kirychuk and Andrew Hay

Colleagues Haley Kirychuk (26) and Andrew Hay (39) talk about the Amarillo Symphony and the communities they serve. They reflect on the camaraderie that is formed by sharing an experience together and discuss future plans for their 100th Anniversary celebration...

RPTS 370: PYD interview (religiosity/spirituality)

My conversation with my long time friend Ejoo about Our experiences in religious youth programming.

Darien Fernandez and Billy Mason

Friends and colleagues Darien Fernandez (41) and Billy Mason (59) talk about their experiences with and connection to Rocky Mountain Youth Corps. They also talk about the importance of land conservation, giving back to the community, and uplifting youth.

Elizabeth Elango and Crispin Ilombe Wilondja

Coworkers Elizabeth Elango (46) and Crispin Ilombe Wilondja [no age given] share their stories about coming to Decatur, Georgia and speak about their work with Global Village Project, a school focused on educating refugee girls.

Daniel Pinilla and Marija Krstevska

Friends Daniel "Alejandro" Pinilla (30) and Marija Krstevska (27) share about how they chose their careers in advocacy, share some of their childhood memories, and talk about their time in New York with the Columbia Human Rights Advocates Program.

Charlene Saner and Jose Garth

In their One Small Step conversation, Charlene Saner [no age given] and Jose Garth (38) talk about what "old school" Republicanism looks like and where public support from the government fits in with community support for neighbors in need.

Nydia Padilla Rodriguez and John Rodriguez

Spouses, Nydia Padilla Rodriguez [no age given] and John Rodriguez [no age given], discuss the way their marriage and their creative outputs remained strong as they supported each other outside of traditional gender roles.