Talking with grandma Johnson

Teagan Johnson talks with Eileen Johnson about her time as a child and adventures throuought life. Including time in Japan and majoring in German literature. Some stories include working in an optical shop for 50 years and meeting her now...

Thanksgiving Listen Interview

This is a pre-recorded video of me interviewing each person with 4 different questions and the participants will be sharing their personal stories.

Ben Xilas and Richard Ling discuss preparing for the climate emergency
November 19, 2021 App Interview

Classmates Ben and Richard discuss how the climate crisis has introduced increasing amounts of stress and anxiety on themselves and the local communities that they are apart of. The conversation then takes a deep dive look into how both individuals...

Mary Rodriguez's Life Stories (Part 2)
December 11, 2022 App Interview

The Villages of San Mateo County hosted an intergenerational story telling event on December 10, 2022. This is a story from Mary Rodriguez about growing up in the City of Weed, CA.

Interview: Julie Hudak

My mother and I discussed a plethora of topics on and off the list of questions. She told many stories about me and her life before starting a family. We discussed many important historical events throughout her time that I...