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Tita Vera

I interview my grandma Vera Fernández, three days away from turning 91. We’re in Jacó, Costa Rica celebrating her birthday! We’re playing cards and she’s drinking whisky with ginger ale. She talks about her childhood as a farmer, her family,...

Guerra del 48

My grandma talks about the last war in Costa Rica, la Guerra del 48.

Adventurous German American Woman traveling in Remote Southern Mexico in 1959

Travel in remote Mexico to visit the Lacandon Indians in the jungle of Chiapas with a young documentary film maker in 1959. Travels of 19 year old Brigitte Heberle Stehlik and Manhattan Montana hitchhiking

Conversation with Lidieth Hart

A conversation between Ricardo Mendoza (25) and Lidieth Hart (70) about how society views women from birth to old age. She shares her experiences with me and talks of how she feels about life as a woman. Lidieth describes how...

random bestfriends

Zev Blique(17) Reagan Stock(16) we Are bestfriends! we discussed Zevs childhood and how he grew up in a huge city compared to the little town I’m from. We talked about his family and his regrets.

From Costa Rica to Miami

Andrea Jinesta (17) interviews her dad Manuel (50), in Miami FL. He grew up in Costa Rica and moved to Miami when he was 30 years old.