Service Learning Project (Jeannette)

Crazy 9/11 experience working as an airline worker. Traveling to all places in the world except in Antartica.

Interview With My Grandma

I interview my grandma and she talks about what it was like growing up in a small town, and how it was different from today.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen
November 24, 2017 App Interview

This interview was mainly about how my grandma grew up and her children.

A Man Born in Berlin, Germany at the Cusp of World War II
November 25, 2017 App Interview

Fred Krause talks about his childhood in Germany and moving to the United States. Recorded in Temecula, California on November 19th, 2017, Mark Nickoloff discusses with Fred about his childhood and what it was like to grow up in his...

Nothing that I can really tell you…

My uncle grew up in Arlington Virginia and enjoyed his life. when he grew up he became a self employed bricklayer.

Family History Assignment

While talking with grandparents, we discussed their childhoods and how they grew up during the 1940-50s

Eldest Daughter

My grandmother and I talk about her upbringing in a small town on Lake Champlain.


Patricia Derhovsepian talks about her teenage life in the 1950s

Interview Assignment

The interview basically talked about my grandfather’s early life and the things that influenced him

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My 66 year old grandmother and 70 year old great aunt talking about the race relations in their childhood.

The crucible

All the questions you gave me for the Salem witch trial

Thanksgiving interview with Aunt-K

Aunt-k gives stories on her childhood in the 1950s and 60s' in subarban America and stories of her family and her take on life.

Betty Hansel discusses her life and how she has journeyed to find meaning.

Grandmother Betty Hansel discusses her life growing up on a farm in rural Virginia before tragically losing her parents and beginning life on her own. She discusses the evolution of her faith in God and the role that Christianity has...

My grandpa and I have an interview about his past life experiences.

I had fun talking with my grandfather in this interview about his life experiences such as his time on The Virgin Islands. He and I also talked what it was like meeting my grandmother. I also talked with my grandfather...

The History of Grandpa

This is an interview with Stanley Ray. He is a family man who grew up in Boise during the 1950s. He is the oldest of five and has five children himself who were raised in Elko Nevada. He shares his...

Granny's Experience with Polio

An interview of Alison Chase's experience with Polio in her family and how it affected her community. By: Erin Lichty

My Friend, the Captain

My grandmother, Carol Butscher, tells a story about the time she picked up a navy base captain in her car and her ability to talk openly with anyone, no matter their rank or place in society.