A Master of Music

Jim Cunningham, Born 1933 is a man of many professions. When Lucas Grey joined by his Uncle Jim Cunningham sat down at a piano for an interview. Jim Cunningham grew up in the small town of Belpre Ohio, and was...

Life with Monica

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Kaitlyn’s Interview with Grammy

Kaitlyn interviewed Grammy on Sunday, November 25, 2018 at Grammy’s house in Dallas, Texas.

Nelson, My Dad

Nelson, my dad, was very honest about the questions that I told him. He was very nice and did not react negatively.

Reign Supreme 2018

Three seniors from the class of 2018 talk about our high school experience and what it is like to go to Santa Clara High School.

Eric’s interview

Had a wonderful time interviewing my son of how he thinks of me in the world and the people around him

Two Years to Live

He was told he had two years to live, due to being morbidly obese. 6 years after he has a successful career and now lives a healthy lifestyle. Now he works with many people to improve their lifestyle, and help...


My mom, Julie Boden, is talking about her time with her grandparents.

Great Holiday Listen with my Mamaw

A small chat with my grandma about her life. We talked about my dad (her son), my grandpa and how they met, and other topics.

Interview with my Dad!

I asked him general questions I didn't wanna ask him deep questions

Home Away From Home

14 year old Chris Durant interviewed his aunt, Dinora Durant on her early years in Honduras and then some of her life in Brooklyn, New York. When I asked Dinora what she did in her summers she told Chris about...

difficult moments.

we talked about how hard it was for my sister to move away from her family to florida. we also talked about one of her happiest memories.