The backstory of Alma Zagal by Lucero Mendez

Alma Zagal is a girl who have been passed so much problems in her life, she inspires me to be better everyday and to fight for my dreams. This is an interview with Alma Zagal who she is, and some...

Meagan Armstrong and Amy Blossom

Woman interviews her 21 year old daughter who was adopted from Korea as a 6th month old about her identity and recent trip to Korea where she met her biological family.

Radhakrishnan Gopalan

Radhakrishnan Gopalan (48) talks to his son Shrey (12) about his experiences growing up in India, coming to the US, and his career as a professor.

La inmigración de Erick Feliz

Esta entrevista fue grabada por Laisha Morales y está basada en su buen amigo Erick Feliz y su inmigración a Estados Unidos. Es un hombre de 30 años que emigró muy joven para mejorar su vida.

Work and Life Friends Through a Few Decades

Jann and Mary share stories of their friendship through three decades of work and fun. How our marketing career paths chose us and the many times they crossed paths over the years. Of course, there are a few moments that...

James Greggs and Jose Valencia. The ins and outs of Hispanic America.

James Greggs: 2021-10-08 21:46:05 James "Ethan" Greggs (22) talks with Jose Valencia (20) about Jose's experience in America as a first generation citizen from a Hispanic American family. They cover High School life as a Hispanic American and challenges faced...

My Blooming (Red Table) Talk with Rita Robles, my amazing and courageous mother!
November 22, 2021 App Interview

: 2021-11-22 22:40:28 Rita Robles talks about her past experiences, facing her obstacles, and the importance of self-love and family with her eldest daughter, the interviewer, Rosemary Robles.

Bonding with my Grandpa

I talked with grandpa about his life growing up and some of his valuable memories. He also talked to me about meeting his wife my grandma and raising my mom.