The Life of A Mamaw

This is an interview from my grandmother, Betty Austin. In this interview she talks about her early childhood, her relationship with my grandfather, and about all of her work experiences.

Interviewing My Parents

I sit down and talk about family history with my parents, based out of southern Tennessee.

Margaret "Maggie" Linsky and Andre Linsky

Margaret “Maggie” Linsky (56) interviews husband Andre Leo Linsky (66) about his childhood growing up in the coal country of West Virginia, his experiences as a Sunday School teacher, his years of philosophy study in New Mexico, and his return...

How childhood has changed our parents

My mom grew up rough so how she grew has changed how she views the world and how she takes on working in the public

My dad

In this interview we talked about my father in his current job and his past jobs. We also got into his life and what means the most to him.