Interview with Jay

We talked about Jay’s earlier life such as his childhood experiences, how he was raised, and people who impacted his life. Then we talked about his present life and what he does for his job, how he got into that...

Coming to America

This is the story of what caused my Aunt to move from London, England to Fort Worth, Texas.

From Baghdad To San Francisco

In 1968, Paul Neesan’s mother was pregnant with him as the whole family immigrated from Iraq to San Francisco. In Los Angeles, California, 14-year old Zachary Neesan interviews his father about his experiences growing up in a household where he...

StoryCorps Interview with Mom and Dad (Pt. 1 Mom)

This is an interview for an assignment for a MASC class at VCU. Pt. 1 is with my mom, and 2 with my dad.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Today my cousin Dacoda and I talked about her life, her current career choice, her childhood and how important her Pop Pop was to her.

The Grapes of Wrath- Father/Daughter Interview

Interviewing my father about his work, childhood, and ancestry. Recording did quit suddenly however, I hope you enjoy.

Crystal Martinez and mother Maria Cazares Interview

In this interview, conducted on November 22, 2018 in Panorama City, California, Crystal Martinez (17) interviews her mother Maria Cazares (53) about her childhood. She talks about her parents, school, and teenage years.

Interview with Baba (Dad)

In this interview, I spoke with my dad about his experience with moving to the Unuted States, joining the military, and ultimately, becoming a doctor.

Vanessa Siverls | Author Interview

At dusk staring down the Manhattan Bridge, Chloe and myself attempted the impossible. An interview in the streets of Brooklyn. I realized I thought I knew how to share on the fly but then other memories came up and I...

Changing careers

Changing careers, memories of school

Len Pasculli talks about his career path as well as his family

Being a life long lawyer, Len Pasculli talks about his law career and then tells stories about his family and traditions they have.

Me and my Cousin

I interviewed my cousin Stephanie, and I asked her questions about her childhood, career, and family. I got to know my cousin a lot more and I’m glad that I chose to do this interview with her.

Mark discusses his job as a banquet chef with myself, Jessica. He explains why he chose his career and parts of his life.

I spoke with my co-worker Mark Macfee for my StoryCorps interview. We recorded in Clifton Park, NY. I asked him questions about his career, dreams and his life in general.

Career Interview with Dad

I interviewed my dad about his career and about the jobs he had in mind and the jobs he suggests me to do and not do


In this interview we talked about career and basketball and things that make us the happiest.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Leonardo Kani and Mertie Kani

I started talking to my grandpa and I learned so much from him that I didn’t even know. But since he had to go do something, I ended up interviewing my grandma who also surprised me with the answers she...

FYS Interview about career with Paige Leonard by Sarah Routhier

I interviewed Paige Leonard for my First Year Seminar class Marshall University. Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories. Frank Sesno’s book “Ask...