A nurse in the time of Covid, and interview of Madeline by Pia.

Madeline (26) talks with her cousin, Pia (13) about the struggles and wonders of being a nurse in the time of COVID-19. Madeline also shares what it is like to be a nurse in general and what she had to...

“COVID-19 the interview by Cooper Palma”

Cooper Palma (7) interviews his dad, Chris Palma (47), about how daily life has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jessie Wagnon and Agnes Borden Dauncey

Jessie Wagnon (33) interviews her grandmother Agnes Dauncey (82) about growing up in White Bluffs, WA, a community that would later be displaced in order to build a secret government project called the Hanford projects.

Deb Bussinger and Dan Crownhart

Deb Bussinger: 2020-07-19 18:50:09 Deb Bussinger (59) talks with her father Dan Crownhart (84) about living through the pandemic in 2020. Her father is undergoing cancer treatment, is unable to attend his 12 step meetings in person and is isolated.

Feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic:

Letzy Suquilanda (14) talks with her little sister, Kady Suquilanda (13) and asks her questions of how she is reacting and feeling throughout this COVID-19 pandemic.

Holly Sargeant and Susan Wells Sargeant

Holly Sargeant: 2021-04-17 18:17:22 On April 17th, 20201, Holly interviews her mother, Sue, for her 67th birthday. Sue talks about her favorite childhood memories on her grandparent's farm in Iowa, her Uncle Hal as one of the biggest influences in...

P Scott Dyvad and David Ginsborg

One Small Step conversation partners P "Scott" Dyvad (55) and David Ginsborg (54) discuss belief in government and media, being involved in their communities, and current political issues, such as the January 6th Capitol riot and the Defund the Police...

Monica Foderingham and Jordan Brown

Mother Monica Foderingham (60) interviews her daughter Jordan Brown (22) about her college experiences at Georgetown University, her challenges while studying there, and her recent graduation and plans for the future.

Little Bit of Hope in a Time of Despair

I interviewed my step-mother, D’Audra Cole-Hunter, about her experiences in a social media community, as a small business owner, and a believer of God in a time of hate, hopelessness, and despair.

Johannes and Mathias Rysse

Mathias Rysse (52) talks with his son, Johannes Rysse (15) about his experience immigrating to the United States from Germany and shares how COVID-19 has affected him and his family.

Jayda-Lynn & Erick

Jayda-Lynn Serrano (17) talks with her dad, Erick Santos(40) about what it is like living in this pandemic.

Adam Grelinger and Matthew Lehman Wiens

One Small Step conversation partners Adam Grelinger (31) and Matthew "Matt" Lehman Wiens (31) discuss how their religious backgrounds have shaped their lives and political views. Adam discusses being a Catholic priest and Matt shares how his Mennonite background informs...

Interview with my grandmother

Kay Wetherwax (77) talks to her grandchild Isabella Kavanaugh (15) about growing up in Piqua Ohio and having divorced parents, going to college as a women and how COVID-19 has affected her.

Soo Lon Moy and Ben Lau

Soo Lon Moy (70) speaks with her friend and colleague Ben Lau (62) about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the Chinese American Museum of Chicago, their lives, and the Chinese community in Chicago.

Sarah Abdelhay and her father, Abdelhay Abdelhay, talk about the impact 9/11 and coronavirus had on her father's life.

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2021, in Flushing Michigan, Sarah Abdelhay (15) interviews her father, Abdelhay Abdelhay (57), about the experiences he faced during major historic events throughout his life. Abdelhay shares how he grew up in a...

Dusty Matthews and Glorianne Fahs

Dusty Matthews (53) talks with longtime Leesburg, Florida resident and local historian Glorianne Fahs (80) about living in Leesburg in 2020.

Better Together: Student & Staff Perspectives of Living through the Pandemic.

Most of the First Year Experience team from the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada, met for a roundtable discussion on Microsoft Teams on March 24, 2021. They spoke candidly about their experiences living, working, and continuing their...

Griswold Home Care Project On Resilience- Moving Forward Stronger with Filosa Hancock Hall

Beth Moeller from Griswold Home Care sat down with Pam Shepperd-Katra, director of social work for Filosa/Hancock Hall and Medicare Nurse/MDS coordinator, Kathy Berry, in Danbury, one of communities outside of New York that was hardest hit at the outset...

Timiera Jackson and Dominique Turner

Timiera Jackson (17) talks with her stepsister Dominique Turner (24) about how the new way of the world has affected her and her life.

Kenneth Steen and Caren Stelson

One Small Step conversation partners Caren Stelson (69) and Kenneth "Ken" Steen (53) share some of their background, discuss their experience as grandparents, talk about their earliest political memories, and reflect on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Erin Buitendorp, Claire Buitendorp, and Shawn Buitendorp

Erin Buitendorp (37) speaks with her sisters Shawn Buitendorp (30) and Claire Buitendorp (30) about their experiences growing up as twins and competing together on the reality show Project Runway. They also speak about success, fame and expectations and the...