The Great Thanksgiving Listen

It was really interesting to listen to my dads answers. I know a lot more about him and his family now.

A Talk With My Dad

My dad and I talk about his past and how he uses it today.

My dad

I ask my dad a few questions and get an understanding of him as a parent

Angelina Martinez and her mother Donna Polniak talk about childhood and parents

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, Angelina Martinez (15) interviews her mother Donna Polniak (44) about the changing of her dad. Ms.Polniak talks about how her dad wasn’t such a figure when she was younger but...

Living in Conflict: The Effects of The Vietnam War on Daily Life

“What are we doing there?” the tragic story of life as a kid in America during the pointless Vietnam War. Will Angarola interviews his father Bill Angarola in Los Angeles, California about life as a teenager in the 60s in...


We talked about his childhood, important people, and his work experience.

Getting the Juice

My dad, Eugene Travis, tells me about his memories from childhood and his teen years. He tells me about the beginnings of his marriage and gives advice for marriage and family.

Interview with my dad

I got to ask my dad a few questions about his life

Interview of my Dad

My dad’s story about leaving Vietnam and coming to America as a child

Interview with my Dad

We talked about favorite childhood memories and how his life has gone so far.

My Favorite Person, My Dad!

I get to interview the most important person in my life, my dad!

The Story Of My Sister (Jailene Covarrubias)

In this interview, published in December 5, 2019 in Los Angeles, I interview my sister to discover her happiness and her struggle in her life. My sister (Jailene) explains how family is an important figure in her life. Realising that...