Harriet Mentzer and Gail Greener

Harriet Mantzer (67) talks with her friend, Gail Greener (59) about her time as a hospice nurse, caring for cancer patients, and delivering babies. She shares about being a rancher and the death of her seventeen-year-old daughter.

Kim Hahn and Heather Kinderthain

Friends Kim Hahn (28) and Heather Kinderthain (45) discuss some of life's harder moments, including the death of Kim's mom and Heather's experience overcoming addiction.

Addiction Interview #1

KP: Today I’m interviewing a close friend of mine on her older sisters heroin addiction. So, you we’re about three years old when your sister started using, is that right? NA: Yes, that’s right. I remember her being around here...

Leslie Hoyt and Emily Hatch

One Small Step conversation partners Leslie Hoyt (66) and Emily Hatch (34) discuss their differing political beliefs, feelings around motherhood, and find common ground around experiences of loss and grief.

“I dont believe they knew how to deal with it”.
November 29, 2017 App Interview

Me: Who was the person misusing drugs? Interviewee: My brother was the person misusing drug. Me: When did you first realize that drugs were a problem for this person? Interviewee: After several months when his behavior became erratic, it was...

Tina Fucile and Stephen Fucile

Tina Fucile (61) shares a conversation with her son, Stephen Fucile [no age given], about addiction, incarceration, grace, and the Prison Entrepreneurship Program.

Kane Hoff's interview of Allison Hoff on the subject of addiction.

I did this interview on my mom about her trouble with addiction. We look at subjects such as how it came to be, what it was like during, and how she finally got through it.

Donna Pate and Brent Ottaway

One Small Step participants Donna Pate [no age given] and Brent Ottaway [no age given] discuss their travels, how their politics have changed over time, and how illness has affected them, their families, and their political views.

“He Knew He Was Going to Die, He Told Me.”

Me: My name is Dominique Francis: My name is Francis Me: Who is the person misusing drugs in your family? Francis: My grandfather actually abused of alcohol when he was very young. He didn’t think it would take effect until...

Emily Nelson & Scott Acord

Emily discusses growing up with a substance-abusing mother, and how this led to her won struggles with abandonment issues. She also talks about running away, dealing with depression and methamphetamine addiction as a teenager and ultimately her recovery from addiction.

Harold "Bear" Cubbedge & Andrey MacCracken

After years of struggling with drug, alcohol and criminal addictions, and numerus stints in prison, Bear was able to turn his life around. Understanding his criminal activities also gave him a high, he knew others must feel the same and...

Cynthia Rose and Taylor West

Taylor West (24) interviews Cynthia Rose (58) about her role as the mother of the community and how she is learning to give that same love and care to herself in this next phase of her life.

“Kevin’s drug addiction, started in junior high, when he started to feel like an outcast.”

Georgia: Who is in relations to you that you have lost to drugs and how are you connected? Georgia’s Father: Boys name was Kevin, he was my friend’s son, who happened to be one year older than my son. My...

“It’s a domino affect, you have to help each other out in a family”

MYA: Who misused drugs in your family? MOM: My dad, your grandfather. MYA: How did their addiction begin? MOM: Being a little girl he played baseball and he joined a clubhouse. Every weekend they would have baseball games and we...

Addiction Interview #2

KP: This morning I’m with my friend’s sister, speaking a bit with her about her heroin addiction. I’d actually like to ask you about what you think the hardest thing about addiction is? NA: Well, when I relapsed after getting...

Teresa Suganski and Mary Claire Whelan

Teresa Suganski (61) and her daughter, Mary Claire Whelan (25), share a conversation remembering Mary Claire’s father.

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Rich

Rich, a longtime resident, of Tacony is now caretaker an abandoned and overgrown citygarden in Keystone Park. Working his whole life as a contractor and 22 years in recovery, Rich talks about his experiences living through addiction to then building...

Andrey MacCracken & Harold "Bear" Cubbage

Andrey's mother died in childbirth and his father died on his way to the hospital. Andrey and his brother went to live their grandparents. At 8 y-o, Andreys grandparents could no longer afford to care for both boys and Andrey...

People know that drugs are dangerous, but people do them for the emotional high first, and the addiction comes later

Subject B talks about her experience with losing a past friend who she had graduated high school with. Rhian: “So who is it in relation to you that you’ve lost to drugs?” Subject B: “Um it was like, he was...

Suzanne Sculley & Jill Souza

Suzanne talks about her work as a substance use counselor and what drew her to the work she does at Queen of the Valley Medical Center in Napa California. How she was able to let go of judgement and find...

Joe Houston & Scott Acord

Joe shares the story his rise from humble beginnings in DC. He was primarily raised by his sister before getting lured into a lifestyle that led to him being incarcerated at 16 to turning his life around and is now...