Quick talk about past present and future

APUSH Atkeson

Working in the profession of teaching and how it has changed over time.

Penny Thomas on how teaching and parenthood have shaped her into the person she is today

In this interview, conducted on December 1st, 2019, in Kansas City, Missouri, Riley Thomas (14) interviews her mother Penny Thomas (46) about her personal experiences in school and why she became a teacher. She explains how those decisions impacted her...


This interview talked about how university is relevant today from the mindset of today.

The College Experience For Millennials: featuring Chiara Draney

I interviewed a student at Virginia Commonwealth University about what it's like being a college student. We discuss things like tuition costs, career preparation, and technology in college.

Building A Life With Missing Blocks

Within this interview that took place in Encino, CA lies a conversation between 14-year-old Bailey Ivory Rose Bellamy and 56-year-old Carmen Benitez on an issue surrounding the topic of leaving home. In 1978, Carmen married her husband who she had...

Immigration Experience

An interview with professor, Dr. Arreguín Bermúdez about his immigration experience, being undocumented in the United States and eventually opening up his own business.

Life as an exchange student

Pursuing higher education was a problem to many people, international students were one of them. In the story Hoang shared with us, he mentioned what happened and how he handled that situation, which even included having told to be sent...

Lit Life: Sophia Elbrecht and Meri Chen discuss Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

In this recording, mother and daughter discuss the treatment of the mentally challenged and Charlie’s evolution throughout the book.

Faith and knowledge
December 5, 2019 App Interview

This interview was conducted December 4th 2019 in Fresh Meadows, New York by Aliza Qamar (14). She interviewed her mother, Amber Qamar (36) as they discussed the significance of education. The interviewee elucidates how her family and academia counterbalanced one...

1st Interview

I talked to my grandmother about her life in the past and any advice she would give for myself and the future generations.

Speaking Different Languages at Home/in School

Speaking different languages at home & in school & how it affects a person growing up & educationally.

Interviewing My Grandmother, Marilyn Olsen

My grandmother talked about the various experiences she has had throughout her life, and explains how they have shaped who she is. She discussed many important topics such as education, family and honesty, and I have learned a lot about...

Thanksgiving Project

Today interviewed my sister about different topics on life. She talked about who impacted her the struggles she went through and certain concepts needed in order to succeed. My sister truly is an amazing person who has been through a...

Thanksgiving interview

This is recording of me interviewing my aunt who is 32 years old. She tells story's of her childhood, why she came to the United States, and advice she would give to her younger self.

A Talk About Education
November 27, 2017 App Interview

I talked to my grandmother about education and learning over the years. Our conversation led into grades and stress sometimes put onto students.

Writing Interview: A Window into the Life of Diane Forese

My mother learned a great deal from her early years in France and in college. She values family more than anything else in the world.

Sitting down and talking to my older sister

Just me and my older sister Adilene talking about her as I help her procrastinate on doing her school work.

ETA Counselor

In this interview, conducted on December 12, 2017, in Columbia City, Indiana. Mason Kumfer (17) inter views Cristina Rider about how she became a counselor, and her thoughts about the school system she works in.

Content with My Life

Charles King feels that he has led a good life. He feels fortunate to have obtained a good education, have a successful career as a jazz pianist, and now has the opportunity to teach piano to kids.

Susan discusses her life, how it has developed and the hurdles she overcame to be where she is today, with her son.

Susan (45) talks to her son, Chase (16), about her childhood, growing up in Philadelphia, and where she ended up now. From how society has changed to how it’s still the same today as it was 40 years ago, she...

Interview About Ms. Emi’s Childhood and Her Teaching Science, by Ira

On monday morning recess, I interviewed Ms. Emi about her childhood and about her teaching science. She told me that she was playing outdoors with her sister all the time. Her school was in Malaysia and it was a small...