We talked about what we were grateful for and life lessons.

Success/Failure Interview 01/27/19

During this interview, my father discussed his perception on “success” and “failure.”

Narrative Interview

I interviewed my dad about his college life and the failures and lessons learned.

Success and Failure_Bao Tran

This is an over-the-phone interview with my aunt Sheila Tran about success and failure.

Success vs. Failure

We talked about what success and failure means to my dad.

What Does Success Mean To You?

Interviewing my grandparents about their ideas of success and failure, and where these ideas came from.

Scott & Pooja on failure and the lessons we learn.
February 13, 2018 App Interview

Scott & Pooja talk about how Pooja tried to get into NCSSM and was ultimately unsuccessful and what she learned from that experience.