Sidney Claire
July 25, 2022 App Interview

Sidney Claire (23) is interviewed by her boyfriend, Enrique (22). They discuss growing up in Chelsea Alabama, faith and mental health counseling.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

A interview with my grandma, sharing insightful life lessons and story throughout her life.

Stories from Mr. Jandeska.

Mr. Jandeska talked about his job as an electrical engineer working with StarWars (Not the movie) and volunteering with bible studies and how all of it was connected to his faith in God.

Conversation with a Cancer Survivor

This conversation discusses the impact of faith and prayer on a cancer diagnosis.

Grammie, Mom, Auntie Lora, Elizabeth

I interviewed my Grandma and my relatives sat in and gave some input and listened.

SOC 110 StoryCorps Interview

Michelle and I talked about the people who mean most to her, her strongest values, and the legacy she hopes to leave.

Interview with my dad

I got a chance to talk to my dad about the remarkable things he has lived through.

Faith with Caren McLaughlin

A Faith-Based interview for Eastern Washington University's COMM331 Class with Heather Robinson.

Jenesi and Harrison's Interview

I interviewed my best friend Harrison, 19 years old, he is a Native American from the Cherokee tribe. I asked him questions about kind people he’s met, if he has any regrets, and he expresses his desire to follow and...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my grandpa who is 68 and me(Garrett Bailey) who is 13 years old.

Andrew Chapel UMC Being the Church with Martha Bell

Jennifer Skidmore-Breece, Communications Director at Andrew Chapel United Methodist Church talks with church member and Missions Committee Chair about faith and what it means to Be the Church. We discuss how personal faith is formed throughout a person’s lifetime and...

Adelina Taylor talks about stories of her life, marriage,and family.

Adelina Grande Taylor talks about her early childhood and her family background. She talks about World War II and her memories of it. She talks about her late husband telling stories about him and how they met. She speaks of...

My grandpa Eddie T Arnold sr

An introspective conversation of a son on the sudden loss of his father and the impression their event left on his life. Go with him on this journey down memory lane and relive the ups and downs of the life...

Jedi Edwards and Pastor Weston Owens

Jedi(17) interviews Weston(33) to ask him about his faith and his walk throughout his life.

Rechelle Church

A woman of faith talks about the Tri County Church's history and her own experiences as a Christian

Brandon Lowe and Daria O’Brien

Brandon Lowe (29) speaks with his One Small Step partner, Daria O'Brien (62) about their experiences specifically with inner city kids, homophobia, the Christian church and its ties to their political ideology.

car-talk with my beautiful mom!

A little conversation with my mom, learning more about her childhood, marriage, faith and how parenting has changed her life.

Women’s Voices Interview Project

This interview revolves around the journey of Katie Danforths’ life, her upbringing and struggles.

LaMeesha Courtney and Brandy Hibbs

One Small Step conversation partners Meesha [no name given] (45) and Brandy [no name given] (39) talk about pregnancy, abortion, parenting, divorce, Black Lives Matter and white privilege.