Staci Klein

I interviewed my aunt in order to get her life's story.

Ellen Wall: Leading a Christian Life

My grandmother, age 72, was born and raised in Washington DC before moving down to South Carolina. Her father died of cancer at a young age for her, which she speaks of in this interview. She has had a very...

One Day at a Time

I interview my grandmother, a three-time-cancer survivor in remission, about her struggle with cancer, life philosophy, and her faith in God.

Conversation with a Cancer Survivor

This conversation discusses the impact of faith and prayer on a cancer diagnosis.

Internal struggles
November 1, 2018 App Interview

Geena D. Interviewed Emma M. about struggling with her beliefs and ideas and what caused those problems to arouse.

Transforming fear into courage and anxiety into hope

Pastor John and I exploring faith, the roles that we play, and how hope and courage fits into our lives.

Seven Boxes: Celebrating the Strength to Move On

Dr. Bobbi Alba shares her new inspirational memoir about multiple sudden atypical losses. Topics include: cancer, loss of child, domestic violence, mental illness, homelessness, alcoholism, pet loss, transgender youth, and leaving a living legacy.