Thanksgiving listening project

We talked about his childhood and his family when he was a little boy.

Thanksgiving recording

I am interviewing my dad for Thanksgiving

story corp interview

I interviewed my mom and asked some questions about her life

Ferris Kawar and Stacy Gruenloh

Spouses Ferris Kawar (49) and Stacy Gruenloh (47) discuss Ferris' international upbringing and his experience in America with his wife and family.

Ms Howard’s Legacy.

I sat down with my mother to re-visit her childhood and teenage life. I wanted to know more about what made her the awesome individual she is today! Join us as we spoke about the events of MS. Howard.

Storytelling assignment

McKenzie Ewing talks with Diane Ewing

Dayshawn’s Interview

My focus of my interview was my mom and her childhood, I also touched on her career and what she values most in life.

Joey Luau and Carol Velazquez

Mentor Joey Luau (24) and her mentee, Carol Velasquez (17), discuss growing up in the different neighborhoods of Los Angeles. The two recall the similarities between their communities, their fears and how they are making photography work for them.

Interviewing my Mom

I interview my Mom ( my best friend) her and I do everything together!!! Listen to this interview to learn more about us!

Step mom journey

Talking about the journey me and my step mom has had throughout the years and it’s struggles

Mom’s Interview

This was about my mom’s childhood and Christmas. We talked about everything from favorite memories to favorite pets and gifts.

Abhinav Barat and Sandipa Barat

Abhinav Barat (17) talks to his mother, Sandipa Barat (41) about her childhood and her current life, and future plans.

My Mom

My moms life and how she lives it.

Isha Gupta and Anand Gupta

Isha Gupta interviews her father Anand Gupta about his memories of his family and his wisdom to his family.


We talked about his childhood and our family .

A chat with my grandmother

I enterveiwed my grandmother, some one who is very important in my life

About my moyher’s life

I learn that my mother has a lovely and happiness childhood. She always take care about her family. She want to have a nice house on her beatifull Salvatierra, Guanajuato. The love of her life is my father. She want...

Thanksgiving Interview

I’m talking to my great grandma and asking her questions about her life.

Interview with Grammy

Talked mainly about her past, her family, and her kids

Interview with Mike

We talked about so much on so many different topics.