Fernando soto and his father Carlos soto talk about life before he was a father

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in island park, New York, Fernando soto (16) interviews his father about his life before he was a father. Carlos (52) shares his life and about his parents to. He also talks about...

Daniel Gomez

An interview between father (52) and son (14). Taken in November 23, 2018. Vernon (the son) take to his dad from a long time since of divorce. Later learns that the both have the same story.

School Through The Eyes Of My Dad

I talk to my dad about his educational history and get to know him more while he supplies advice to me about my educational future.

Mackenzie and Coulby

This is a great summary for me because my father is very strait forward. :)

Interview with Dad

In this interview my dad and I talked about his past. We talked about what he enjoyed when he was young, his relationship with my mom and what it was like starting a family.

Ragad Growing Up

We talked about her life as a teenager. She shared how she loves her dad and how he was the person that made her, her character

Grandpa stories

We talked about what he was like as a children growing up becoming a father for 3 sons and having 2 grandchildren from my side.

Me & my Dad

Talking about life and its path

Older Adult Interview N234 Hannah Wales

This interview is for my NURS 231 class about an older life and their views of life

Lessons on Living

This interview was conducted on January 7, 2018 via Skype. Cecilia Cain from Niskayuna, NY interviews her father, Gerry Cain, in Norfolk, VA. Gerry talks about what it was like growing up with a chronic illness in an African American...

You Don’t Need To Be Smart

Nathan Ho (16) interviews his father, Wen Ho (45), in their living room in EHT, NJ. In this interview, Wen discuses his life growing up in Myanmar. Wen brushes up on his time at school, with his parents, and meeting...

Linden Combs Interview

In this interview I learned more about what my Mom’s life was like from the time she was a child up until getting married and having children.


My dad had always told me about his childhood and I wanted to go more in-depth about it. At the same time get a little more information about why he is the way he is with my brother and I.

Rodriguez,Sergio being interviewed:My dads past

I have interviewed my father about how how his life before and in the present.Its not everyday you leave some time to do really ask how was your past.

“Never give up on yourself.”

I interviewed my dad about his struggles growing up with dyslexia.

Getting to know you better

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Churubusco, Indiana, Carson Forrester (16) interviews his father's girlfriend Cindy Cottrell (53) about her life to get to know her better. The purpose of getting to know someone better is so you...