I didn’t know you as well as I want to.

Best friends conversation about past present and future.

Two best friends

A story of how close people could get in a little amount of time

Interview with my mother on the person with the greatest influence in her life.

In this story, I asked my mother about the person with the greatest influence on her life. She told me about Fred Wallace Jr., and how he had such a large influence on her life as a father figure and...

On a whim: An interview on various subjects with a friend

In this interview, I interview, Kate, a dorm-mate of mine about various topics from diversity to sexual orientation.

My strengths

A interview with myself about how I overcame a challenge.

English Extra Credit

English extra credit with my main homie!

Speech project

We talked about our times meeting and past memories of what went on.

dj’s interview

interviewing one of the baddest bitches i know

Two Friends Catching Up

This conversation was between Xavier Nguyen and Tara Dietz. Both go to Virginia Tech and have been friends for a while. They met up at their local student center to briefly catch up on all the things they’ve done.

School memories

Julián tell us about some school experiences

Practice Interview

Just practicing for the big day by interviewing my pal Jayden

Parveen Shah, grandma, explains her life as a child before moving to the United States and immigrating there.

In this interview conducted in November 2017 in Flemington, New Jersey Leah Shah interviews her grandma Parveen Shah about her childhood in Pakistan and immigrating to the United States. She shares stories about her education and school life as well...

About my mom

This interview is about my mom life. This is also her telling me about her experiences when she was little. This tells me about how she had to walk a lot to go to school but she still had fun...

A New Beginning

My name is Kobé Tanner and I'm interviewing my roommate Kobe Walker. This interview is about college and his experience during this first month of classes.

Aubrey Covington and Mary Sue Schumaker talk over the Thanksgoving holiday

During this interview on November 23rd, 2017 in Tampa, Florida, Aubrey Covington (age 23) interviews Mary Sue (age 87) during Thanksgiving. Mary Sue talks about her recent move and how her family supported her decision to move away from the...

Arzoo Mustafa’s Life

About the process of marriage and proposal. How Arzoo looked back at her High school years and life growing up.

Suzane Veerani held a discussion with her mother Shameera Veerani based on her mother’s “Highschool Years in India”

During this interview, Suzane Veerani speaks with her mother, Shameera Veerani about her mother’s Highschool life (which was in India). They spoke about significant friendships that her mother acquired, work/actions in classes, teachers, multiple fun-filled school events that are still...

Be thankful for everything

Alivia talks ab her life and how people have impacted her