My Grandma Tina

This is a recording of my grandma sharing some of her childhood memories.

My Grandma’s Life

My grandmother and I have the same birthday. I went to Houston to interview her.

Nita Wyrick

My grandmother is the most influential person I’ve ever met

Jack Pinnas

Jack Pinnas (81) talks with his grandson, Harrison Friedman (22), about his experience in Guatemala as a part of the Epidemic Intelligence Service, and how he almost had his head chopped off while delivering malaria vaccines.


We talked about my grandmothers teaching career and how she grew up. And we also talked about what lessons she wants to pass on to me, my brother and our cousins.

Interview with Michelle Fluellen

The story of my mom moving from St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands to Atlanta, Georgia.

Christmas Interview With Granny

Blair Braden interviews his 83 year old grandmother on Christmas, 2017.

Interview with Jasmine Villagrand (grandmother) by Ethan San Miguel

We talked about her life as a young child through to being a adult, like activities and family members. We also talked about life lessons she learned and how they passed on to me.


My grandmother and I talked about the ancestors she knew, her childhood and bring up, how things have changed in America, and how she would like to be remembered and the influence she hopes to leave on people.

Mi abuelita querida Margarita C. Quezada

This was a very great time talking with my grandma and I really hope I can get to make another interview in the future. :)

Interview with Grandma

We discussed her life growing up, her marriage, and her views on motherhood!

Technology Throughout Grandma’s Lifetime (mass comm 101)

Born in Mississippi in 30’s, Millie discusses technological changes throughout her lifetime and how they’ve impacted her personally.

life as a female doctor

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2017 in San Diego, California, my grandmother Kae Yingling talks about her past as one of the first female doctors at her workplace. She shares about why she became a doctor and how...

My grandmother and I

Nana talks about her past, some life lessons and being a grandmother.

Life of Genevieve Peterkin

This is an interview of my grandmother and her life,feelings, and thoughts. My mother (Dawn Moss) puts in her side notes and listens in the corner. (Best moments: 9:50-11:12; 17:10-20:10)

interview with my grandma

How her life was while growing up. advice she would give me for future references

Interview with Aunt and grandmother

This is an interview with my aunt and grandmother In Spanish because they don’t speak English but we talk about the things they went through and they sang songs.

Charlotte Hay talks to her grandmother Jetske Budding about her life and experience growing up in Dutch Indonesia.

In this interview, Charlotte (16) interviews her grandmother Jetske (85) about her life, especially about her travels and growing up in the Dutch Colony of Indonesia during World War II.