The Thanksgiving Listen
December 1, 2020 App Interview

I interviewed my father about his life

SCI1123 Janae Duncan’s Interview

This is an interview with me and my dads father which is my grandmother.


We talked about her life as a kid and going up until now

My interview with Uncle Harold

My Uncle spoke about how great his childhood was and how he likes making people happy. He shared his hobbies like Hunting and making baseball bats.


In this interview I asked my mother a series of questions that involve her life in the past and questions that are also based on the future.

Family Heritage

My mother shares with me stories about her family and her life as she grew up.

Learning my moms story

Today I interviewed my mother about her life before and after having kids. She told me new stories I never got to hear and we had a good time.


Influances on his life such as his grandparents, his previous sports career and his beginning political career


I talked to my grandma about her childhood and what she was like as a kid. I also talked about her parents and her family. Lastly we talked about things in her life that have influenced her today.


Talks about mainly her life and personal things

Talk with my dad

We talked about life, expectations, the American Dream, and how a person grows throughout life.


Random stuff about grandma

me and my mom

I interviewed my mom about her life and why it was like growing up.

Interviewing My Parents

In this interview I ask my parents several questions related to my upbringing.

Getting to know Sophia

A few queations with my daughter to better know her

Q & A with my Mom

Questions about life and growing up.