Coming to America!

This interview is about my father moving from the United Kingdom to America and how it changed his life.

Across the Pacific

Nobody could understand my mum when she first arrived in the United States. I am Alice Connolly (14) and I interviewed my mum Paula Connolly (52) in Los Angeles, California on January 6, 2020 about her immigration to the United...

A Discussion with My Dad About Life as an Immigrant

This is an interview with my dad about his experiences in India and America, and what was different and hard about being an immigrant.

A talk with Duong

A conversation about Duong’s family, background and coming to the USA


This is the story of my immigrant stepfather who became a role model to me.

Life of my Mom

In this interview, conducted on June 3, 2018, in Chicago, Illinois, I interviewed my mother Dinh Luong. We talked about Dinh’s life in America as a Vietnamese immigrant. They also talk about life in Dinh’s home country. We also recount...

A True American

From travel bans to building walls, immigration in the U.S. has been a hot topic of discussion in 2017. In Los Angeles, on November 26, 2017, Will Iger interviewed his family friend Cesar Vasquez. Will asked Cesar about his childhood,...

A daughter & her father

In this interview, conducted in April 21 2020 in Anaheim, California, Michelle Torres interviews her father Miguel Torres about his childhood, his family and how he came into this country illegally. Miguel shared stories about moments with his mother changing...

An Interview with My mom

This interview was done with my Mom who was born and raised in Vietnam who joins me in discussing the hardships of living in Vietnam.

Tiffany and Ray

Tiffany (17) talks with her father Ray (55) about his childhood and journey to America.

Interview with the Irish.

Here I interview my dad about his childhood and what is was like growing up in Europe. He describes living with 10 other siblings and the values his family shared. He then talks about the opportunities that allowed him to...

Hormoz comes to America

A short interview with my dad about his immigration to the US in the late 50’s and his time living in Detroit during the 1967 riots

The Vietnam Refugee Experience

Vietnam refugee experience in Thailand and Immigrant experience in America.

Brian and Caleb

the main focus was on memories and general life experiences.

Suneel Mahajan and Rupa Robbins, May 2021

Father interviewed by daughter about his early life in Malawi and India, his immigration to the U.S., and his family.

The American Dream

At the age of seven, Jesse Marino and his family came to America to seek asylum from communism in Cuba. On December 22nd in Toluca Lake, Mia Phillips sat down with her family friend, Jesse Marino(58 years old), to learn...

Growing Up

We talking about his childhood and family and what he has accomplished since then.