A few job related questions.

Elder Interview
November 17, 2020 App Interview

Life in Thailand and life in America

My thanksgiving interview

So this was an interview for thanksgiving, but since thanksgiving is such a big deal in my family with my relatives there wasn’t much time to interview someone and record them. Adding to the fact that for some of my...

Summative Profile Interview with Pop

Talked with Edd about his life through the aspect of work and his company Central Marketing.

Interview with my father pt. 1

My father and I talked about people he looked up to, his experience in school, childhood hobbies, and his childhood dream job.

Amara Parker and her dad Bernard talk about living in Europe.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in San Diego, California, Amara Parker (14) and Bernard Parker (44) about his childhood in Texas and his career. Mr. Parker shares his difficulties of living abroad compared to the United States. He...

Mom’s Interview

I interviewed Mom about her college and early professional years.

Interview with Sanjay

I talk to my dad about his life in India as well as America. He goes through his life and tells me about his highs, lows, and what his goals are.

Interview with Baba (Dad)

In this interview, I spoke with my dad about his experience with moving to the Unuted States, joining the military, and ultimately, becoming a doctor.

Savannah and Grandma Lynn talk about how she grew up and how she became a nurse.

My grandmother is my biggest inspiration to go into the medical field. I wanted to know what her inspiration was and how she got into nursing. She worked as a nurse at the local hospital for many years before she...

How COVID-19 is affecting Paula Rodriguez.

I interviewed my Mexican mother who recently lost her job due to the ongoing virus. Here is what she had to say.

Joseph’s Father talks about his childhood and share his thoughts

In this interview, conducted in November 26, 2017 in Corona, New York. En Yang has been one of the top students in school, thinking he would be a police officer. We were also talking about parential advice, what was I...

Sherry Savarino on accomplishments, overcoming obstacles, and learning in her job

Alaina Roberts interviewed her grandma, Sherry Savarino for the Great Thanksgiving Listen, and learned about how her grandparents met, what her mom was like when she was little, and about how Sherry has and will keep overcoming change.

Interview about Jobs, Childhood, and Capitalism, by Geonmoo

I interviewed Ms.Lizzie In a school called aoba international school in the small room that is in between drama room and music room. I interviewed her about capitalism, Childhood, her dream on the past, and about jobs. I didn’t asked...

Coco and Auntie Janet Interview

We first talked about her childhood. Then we talked about her older life like her wedding day and working.

SaiAthri Katragadda i terviewing Radhika Katragadda(part 2)

This interview was conducted at 6:30 on April 11 2021.Sai Athri Katragadda learns about Radhika Katragadda’s childhood and schooling. She shares her life and ups and downs. She explains her job and helping in making the vaccine for the corona...

Delivery driver- interview

Talking about the pandemic, how it has affected lives, jobs, and many other things. PS. I tried stopping it and the button wouldn’t go haha