Fred Sarver
February 11, 2019 App Interview

A little about my life.

My Uncle Kevin

My Uncle tells me about his life in the navy, how he met his wife at 15, and what he has learned about life.

Savannah Hill and her Grandpa Adolph Svec’s experiences from college, the military, and his family.

An interview with my grandfather about his experiences and reflections on his life during his different careers. He talks about his military life, teaching life, important people in his life, and the history of his parents and grandparents.

Leonard Dzergoski- The Great Thanksgiving Listen

A interview with my wonderful Grandfather (pop-pop) about his extraordinary life

Joe’s interview
November 27, 2017 App Interview

This interview talks about a mans life through the military, his lawfirm, and personal life.

Our Family Legacy with My Grandma

My grandma, Carol, talks about our past and what she thinks will be our future.


I interviewed my pepe so yeah

John Hayes

Time as a child, time in the military and how you want to be remembered

Edmond Boudreaux’s Experience with Integration

This interview was recorded in Oxford Mississippi on November 26. I interviewed Edmond Boudreaux who is my grandfather and was born in Georgiatown, South Carolina and now lives in Biloxi Mississippi. He talks about public bus integration and his first...

Firefighter reflects on his second chance in life after serving in the Navy

In his 25 years of life, Hector has gone through a lot. Especially from the time he was old enough to enlist. His life was almost taken away from him - he would argue it was completely torn apart -...

Rachel and Steve’s Interview

My brother in law Steve was deployed in the navy in his freshman year of college and he talks about his hardships after he left the navy and the sacrifices he made to get what he wanted.

We’re all in this together

I sit down and talk to my dad, ken, the most honest and selfless man I know.


We take a ride through the vast expanses of kens life

Collete’s more than just a neighbor, she’s family

Collete is a strong 75 year old women who adores her family and neighbors. She had a fun and adventurous childhood but there were some twist and turns. She grew up in Chicago and later moved to the Eastside, life...

What it Means to Work Hard – An interview with my Dad

I sat down with my dad to talk about his life and how he grew up. He started from basically nothing and took advice from those of a greater intelligence and applied it to his life and has become very...

the great thanksgiving listen with my grandpa

We talked about my grandpa’s life as a child and how it has impacted him.

A Life of Service, My Father’s Story

My father speaks of his early life before joining the marine corps and later navy, describing his 26 year long career serving the United States

Questions with Dad

My father is a musical man who enjoyed his time serving and loves to encourage others.

Speaking to the Director of Public Health

Enjoy this interview with a former Director of Public Health of Michigan.