From Barn to Beach- Matthew Knight and his daughter Shannon Knight talk about what it was like growing up poor.

Matthew Knight (57) and his daughter Shannon Knight (14) talk about what it was like for Matthew to grow up on a small farm 7 miles from the closest town (300 people), to pushing through and going to an Ivy...

"I’m more of a painter in music than a musician" – Alan Semerdjian

Mara Jill Herman (Astoria) interviews Alan Semerdjian (Long Island) who makes meaning of his life through art. They discuss family influence, Armenian heritage, dialectic thinking, writing, music, and the art of educating.

Joe Cool

Katie Moore’s interview project


Sharing thoughts and feelings about life and what it's like to be a sibling. (Originally recorded on November 26, 2018)

falon sosnowski and jacob smith

Finding out he was going to have another sibling

Mom, 06-08-2023

A deep conversation with my mom about life.

The bond between siblings

In this interview my little brother Santiago Arce and I Melanie Arce have an interview session, and I asked him questions that I never asked him before..


A dinner table conversation with my siblings.

The Deviant

From childhood in Arizona to teen years in Washington. This interview details some of my dad's vivid memories of growing up in the 70s as a latch key kid.

Anthony H

Hello. My name is Anthony Hopkins, and I’m 14 years old. I was interviewing my older sister, and yeah.

Gurdip Kaur Grewal’s

Today I interviewed Mrs. Gurdip Kaur Grewal who is my grandmother she is 72 years old. Some things that we talked about were some of the things her and her siblings like to do when they were younger. Another topic...

Grandma Rak

We talked about some of the important things in my grandma's life and how she felt during those times

Thanksgiving Listen

I this interview, my mom talks about her childhood and growing up in a large family in the middle of nowhere. She also goes in depth about lessons she learned from influences throughout her life.

Brianna Gambichler talks to Ray Gambichler about being a father and growing up with a big family in the eighties.

Brianna (20) and her father Ray (52) talking briefly about his life growing up the youngest of seven siblings, what it was like growing up in the 80s, and how he feels about being a father to two girls and...

Interview with my dad

We talked about my dad's childhood and what it was like growing up with divorced parents.

“I always wanted a girl”

My Great Thanksgiving Listen interview was recorded on December 1, 2017 in Egg Harbor Township New Jersey. I spoke with my mom, Kateryna Bechtel, about the city life and growing up not speaking English. We also spoke of her career...

Early Life and Being an Only Child

I talked to my roomate about how he grew up and how that shaped his life

Little sisters life

Me and my sister discuss some serious life questions

“Si yo pudiera retroceder el tiempo, lo haría.” (If I could go back in time, I would.)

I interviewed my mother about her growing up as a child in poverty and how that impacted her today. She also talked about the value of family and how you shouldn’t take them for granted, like she told me “Tu...


Connor Monfort Interviews his Mother Shelly Talbott about just life in general and her childhood.

The Great Thanksgiving

Today I interviewed my sister to talk about memories and experiences she has been through.