Lois Spearing 4-14-2020

Lois Spearing (89) talks with her granddaughter, Lindsay Pope (36) about her life from childhood to adult.

Interview with PEGGY DOTTERER- Part two of four (2 of 4)

Interesting stories and tales from the life and Times of Peggy Dotterer. These interviews took place on the following dates: 12/31/88, 3/4/89, 10/22/89 (in Stafford Cemetery), 4/1/90, 6/7/90, 9/2/90. It's is believed that all the interviews were all held at Peggy...

Maureen Martinson and Desiree Marcil Reflects On Relationship With Her Life

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. On April 27th 2021, Desiree Marcil in Yorba Linda, California interviews mother, Maureen Martinson, in Brea, California. Maureen Martinson reflects on her life with a hospitalized parent, a liberal daughter, and the effects of...

Sarah Stewart and Michael Adamyk
December 2, 2020 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Sarah Stewart (43) and Michael Adamyk (32) talk about curiosity, faith, community, and healing.

John McGown and Kathleen Hotham

Kathleen Hotham (72) interviews her friend John McGown (73) about the journey of his life, including his favorite childhood memories, highlights of his career as a tax attorney, and best moments as a family man and husband.

Joan Ruskin and Susan Steinhauer

Joan Ruskin reads a poetic piece she recently wrote that describes her life’s path. Afterwards, her daughter asks a few questions about her childhood growing up with divorced parents in an era that parents did not divorce.

Tim Young and Paul Lewis

Tim Young (61) and One Small Step partner, Paul Lewis (71), exchange personal experiences, religious beliefs, and political concerns.

Debbie Reynolds and Carole Geier

One Small Step conversation partners and friends Debbie Reynolds (61) and Carole Geier (76) talk about the following topics: their social and political beliefs, what it's like to be liberal/moderate in a conservative region, using humor to navigate family gatherings,...

Joshua Skoudis interviews Nour Mohammed

Joshua Skoudis talks to Nour Mohammed about his early life, his views on religion, racism and hierarchy, and the evil of corporations.

A Pastoral Assistant's Thoughts on his Life, Job, and COVID-19

Junsuk Seo (27) talks to Hyeon Woo Kim (19) about what his life has been like leading up to this point where he's pursuing the role of a pastor. Junsuk also goes a little more in-depth with his specific spiritual...