A moment of my grandma’s life (1/2)

(Part 1 of 2) I talk to my grandma about the family I know and the other side I don’t.

Ayah Aburashed interviews Zarifa Alsadi about her Childhood in Palestine

In this interview, conducted on May 6th 2022 in West Bloomfield Michigan, Ayah Aburashed (13) interviews Zarifa Alsadi or Tayta Zuzu (90) about her life growing up. She shares about her siblings, where she grew up, the transition to America,...

A conversation with my 18 year-old long term best friend, Isabel

We talked about childhood events that shaped us into who we are and our friend group that stemmed from our family relationships (our parents).

An only child talks to her mom about what having siblings was like.

Talking and informing me about how her childhood was different from mine with having siblings living with her.

You’re a Very Involved Parent Mr. Greathouse: A Father’s Day Interview

An interview of a father by his daughter. We discuss fatherhood starting with his father, and ending with advice for his kids when they become parents.

My mother

I learned my mother’s childhood and lessons that she has learned throughout her life

Kincaid Family Stories
October 16, 2023 App Interview

Kincaid siblings share stories from growing up in Greenview, Illinois.

Grandma Rak

We talked about some of the important things in my grandma's life and how she felt during those times

Cali Lloyd

"Just be kind to everyone. There's no excuse to be mean. " I'm so happy I chose to interview my older cousin Lennon! We talk about life and how important it is to make meaningful relationships and to be the...


A dinner table conversation with my siblings.

Sibling reflections

Two sisters discuss growing up and how people have impacted them

Thanksgivings Interview

Im asking my mom about how she was courageous in her life and the risks she had to take. I also ask her about her childhood and how she met my father. There was a few tears but I really...

Gurdip Kaur Grewal’s

Today I interviewed Mrs. Gurdip Kaur Grewal who is my grandmother she is 72 years old. Some things that we talked about were some of the things her and her siblings like to do when they were younger. Another topic...

6 years apart and 3 inches taller

Interviewed my brother asking how he it was growing up with a baby sister as well as how he felt through this journey of being separated from me.

Anna and Leana Giliberti Talk About How Life Differs From The Past

In this interview a daughter and her mother talk about what her mothers sees in her and how life now is so different from life before.

"I wish your kids grow up to know the journey you've been on in your life". Sam David, with Diana David

Sam David and Diana David talk about life as siblings, heritage and the journey onward. For the 50450 Project: 50 interviews for Diana's 50th birthday 2021-07-09 04:15:08

My little brother

This is me getting to know my brother for who he is and his life goals and how he feels being as young as he is and just who he is a person

From Barn to Beach- Matthew Knight and his daughter Shannon Knight talk about what it was like growing up poor.

Matthew Knight (57) and his daughter Shannon Knight (14) talk about what it was like for Matthew to grow up on a small farm 7 miles from the closest town (300 people), to pushing through and going to an Ivy...

Mimi’s life story

Mimi and I discussed parts of her childhood and her outlook on her life. We discussed different historical events that happened during her life so far.