Paula & Keith Geisler

I interviewed my brother, who is 8 years younger than me, about his life.

“i had a colorful childhood” 2 busy siblings get to sit down & reconnect.

In my interview i got to talk to my one & only brother joshua johnson. I found this interview a way for my brother to open up to me more about how growing up was like & how it shaped...

Adam walkers Interview with Don walker

I talked to my grandfather about his life and family. I asked how his work life affected him

Tai age 14
August 27, 2018 App Interview

Briefly had a chat with my 14 yr old brother

Nicholas and hayley

This interview is with my sister, Hayley, and we discuss our thoughts — particularly over family.

Thanksgiving Day Interview

Interviewing family members is something that can teach you a lot about yourself and where you come from. In this interview I am talking with my younger brother, Kaden, about his life, what he enjoys doing, and what his hopes...

Jessica Walker’s Survivor Story as told to Susan Browder, GSU 18

Jessica Walker describes the gun murder of her brother, which happened when she was 15 years old, and how she found a way to honor Ricky’s memory through her work with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense.

Maggie and Jon

We talked about a lot of his favorite things.

Grandma’s Life

My grandma grew up in Detroit Michigan with one brother and a good school.

Life of a Twin

This is a story about the relationship between Richard and his twin brother, Eric. He recounts his plights and happy moments with him.

Eli has a brother

Eli will speak about her experience with her new sibling. She will answer to diferents question about her relationship with his brother.

The life in the shoes of Kevin Swenson

Kevin just told someone memories of his life. He also told me a little family history.

Mi María – Donsheri (1)

We discussed Donsheri's journey in her life. From the early difficulties she faced with her biological family to the time she found her spiritual family, her real family. The time she lost her brother to the jail system and the...

Brothers and Sisters

I interviewed my mother about her younger brother, who passed away last year. Despite her openness and expressive personality, she never actually spoke to me about how she felt about her brother after he had died a year prior. Wanting...


I interview my younger brother and ask him questions about his childhood, life, and family.

Elizabeth Jonkel and James Jonkel

Elizabeth Jonkel (52) interviews her brother James Jonkel (60) about his life and work involving Montana's wildlife.

Interview with Evan

Interviewing my older brother, Evan, about how moving from Oakville, Canada to Miami, Florida has impact3d his relationships and his life in general.

Children and Music and Advice, Oh my!

My dad talked about growing up and how I acted when I was little. He gave advice about raising children and going back to college. My brother also decided to join in once in a while.