The Professional Idea of Writing a Scoring College Dissertation – AssignmentsExperts

When writing a dissertation for college or university, you are probably staring at a blank sheet of paper. You may be wondering how on earth you will find what is bursting inside your head under words. This glowing cursor on...

Usem interview

Asking my grandparents questions about their life.

My friend and me
September 25, 2018 App Interview

Ask the questions about the college

Kyle Scott and Deaborah Gebreyesus

Kyle interviewed his best friend from high school, Deaborah, on the concept of socialization.

Emily Wenger talks to Haley Warner about her life then and now.

In this interview, recorded on November 26, 2018, Emily Wenger and Haley Warner talk about Haley’s life then and now. During this interview Emily questions her youth pastor about many things. These include, her life as a child, her biggest...

Audio Recording of Significant Interview

Aidan Bank (14) talks with his mother, Elysa Jimenez (33) about her life being a young mother and how she overcame challenges.

Jason McKenna

Jason and I talked about his job, his childhood memories, and how he came to be who he is now.

Interview with Julia

Julia and I talk about her college experiences and what they mean to her.

Leo man Virgo woman 2016

The Leo man is a fixed fire sign whereas the Virgo woman is a mutable earth sign. The Leo man is fierce, strong, masculine, determined, passionate and impulsive. The Virgo woman compliments him by being soft, charming, feminine, delicate and...

Katie and Mr. Truong

As Katie prepares to graduate high school, she and Mr. Truong share a conversation.

Janet talks with her Dad about his childhood and education in China

My father and I discuss his childhood in China- including his academic achievement, life after the devastating Tangshan earthquake of 1976, and his participation in the Tiananmen Square protests.

My Unethical Struggles with anti-Zionism on American University’s Campus, and How I Have Taken an Ethical Stand Against Them.

Millie (19) interviews a friend and fellow CAS LEAD student, Maya (20), about her unethical struggles with anti-Zionism on American University's Campus and her stand against these struggles.


This is an interview with my dad and it’s about what he thinks about college and of me going to college

College during COVID-19

My experience attending college during a global pandemic

Bernice and Nevaeh

Bernice (19) talks with her friend, Nevaeh (19) about their childhood, memories of friendships, prospects for the future, views of their boyfriends...

My mom, lasagna, and our family history

The story of how my mother's garnishes came to America, how her parents met, her life growing up in Mt. Lebanon, at Penn State and marrying my dad.

An English Teacher's and Her Student's Stories

This interview can be devided into two parts. The first part is Savrina's interview with Laura, a young English teacher in her high school. The other part is Savrina's interview with Jack, a classmate Laura used to teach and the...