What is your faith like?

We talked about his faith growing up and how it affects him today.

Interview with tia becky

My aunt talks about her young life, her experiences that have shaped her, and much more.

Interview W Mami

I interviewed my Mom and I talked to her about her faith and childhood.

Jedi Edwards and Pastor Weston Owens

Jedi(17) interviews Weston(33) to ask him about his faith and his walk throughout his life.

Marilyn Schnell and Edward Schnell

Marilyn Schnell (76) talks with her son Edward Schnell (42) about her childhood and what is important to her. Marilyn grew up on a farm and taught kindergarten until she retired. She loves her family more than words can describe....

A Jacobs Conversation

This interview included myself, Matia Johnson age 32 and my cousin Clyde Jacobs who is in his 80s. We discussed his upbringing, education, and relationship with his wife and children.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my grandpa who is 68 and me(Garrett Bailey) who is 13 years old.

Sisters in Craney Holler

Sisters Geraldine and Evelyn are two years apart in age, Evelyn is 66 and Geraldine in 69. In this interview, on October 23, 2022, they talk a bit about their lives in a valley of rural West Virginia where they...

An interview with Darrel Snyder

Interview with my grandfather about his life and meeting my grandmother.

Identity and Faith: Growing Up Gay in the LDS Church

Tracey Fluegel (55) tells her son Oliver Fluegel-Murray (18) about her young adulthood after growing up in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Going into her struggles in discovering her sexuality and identity while in a culture that...

A Life of Love

Molly is a young lady from a small town in the Panhandle of Texas. She’s going into the teaching field as a biologist. In the interview she talks of growing up and her faith along with wishes for the future...

Interview with MomaC

Talked about MomaC’s life and history

Interview with Laura Hernandez

Both my mother’s past and future were discussed in this interview. Details concerning her adolescence and hopes for the future were brought into light. Details also concerning our characters were discussed.

My mom

Lessons of the past and faith of the future

Building Bridges Mrs. Offerman

Mrs. Offerman tells about how faith helped her through her father's passing. She tells about how our bodies are just a shell for our soul and that our soul returns to our real home with Christ.

Hartford Circus Fire and Faith
July 23, 2021 App Interview

My father’s experience surviving the Hartford circus fire.

Self-Reflection Interview

This interview is about the life stories of Karen Lawler and all the lessons and memories that she has learned from all her experiences

The cancer life of Jaime Huerta

This interview was with my dad Jaime Huerta who was a survivor of lung cancer when he was 18. He tells his inspirational and true story of his process to survival and how hard it was.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

A interview with my grandma, sharing insightful life lessons and story throughout her life.