Juvenile delinquency

Yah we talked about juvenile delenquency and all the kinds of things he was involved that categorized him as a juvenile delenquent. Also we talked about his struggles that came along with being involved with this special population group.

What it was like for Monty growing up

My brother monty opens up to me about some of his memories as a child.

Haliee’s Experiences

How life was in the past present and future.

Alberto Garcia Interview

Dad interview about his life, first job, childhood, hard situations, etc.

Lourdes de los Angeles Naranjo and Carmella de los Angeles Guiol

Lourdes de los Angeles Naranjo (57) talks with daughter Carmella de los Angeles Guiol (23) about her family’s path from Cuba to the U.S., and her mother’s sacrifices so she could have a better life.

English 1 Pre-Ap 4tg period

Her childhood life. Things about her and her family, some hardships and highlights.

Rekindling a Friendship

Life and how our friendship is. Also how we fixed.