Vietnam w Poppy

Poppy summarizes his time in Vietnam

Boy Scouts in the Philippines

Gary Gell grew up in the Philippines during the Vietnam war, and had many adventures and stories about his young life. In this interview 15 year old Campbell Hall student Jeremiah Gell interviews his father Gary Gell on January 7th...

A Brighter Tomorrow

For “The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017” Jonathan Morales interviews his mother Nu Su about her struggles growing up poor in Vietnam, immigrating to America, and the struggles of being a parent. She recounts stories about a fellow refugee camp member,...

Straight Outta Vietnam: (My Dad Terry’s Journey: Starting From Vietnam to Immigrating to The United States)

An interview with my dad Terry Bach, on his life from communist Vietnam to the United States and also discusses his career.

“His entire unit got wiped out.”

He was born in Egypt, but he became a U.S. citizen and served in the military here. As a licensed counselor and director of the Veterans Center at Lee College in Baytown, Texas, Ehab Mustafa has made a difference in...

David Leroy Hatch part 1

David Leroy Hatch biography interview part 1

Michael Susi. My time in Vietnam.

The interview was great! I learned a lot about the different ranks in the military and why Michael wanted to serve just like his family did. I also learned what a typical day was like at their base and what...

Diana Truong interview part 2

I interview Diana Truong about her experience in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, leaving Vietnam and life in the United States.

The Sassy and Classy Life of My Grandpa

In this interview created on May 20th, 2019, in Lafayette, CO, Aidan Stevens learns about the story and lifestyle of his grandfather, Thomas. Tom describes his childhood and life story as a catholic, republican American living in the post-Depression era....

Great Thanksgiving Project

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Wylie, Texas, Noora Hosseini (14) interviews her friend Dennis Wahkinney (66) about his life serving in the Vietnam war. Mr.Wahkinney shares how his life was effected from serving and basic life in...

Grandpa Tom

Tom Mann talks about his political experience growing up (4 days after his 70th birthday!)

The Story Of My Dad’s Life

My dad talks about his life as a child and his experiences throughout life overall including his migration to America. Also, he talks about what I was like as a child and what he would like in the future.

Tai Tan Bui, a certified Vietnam Hero

This is the life of the Vietnam Hero, my dad, Tai Bui. We shared some laughs, tears, and a lot of "Wow I did not know that"'s. This man has an incredible immigration story and has gone through so much...

My grandfathers experience during the Vietnam War and life after.

My grandfather and I spoke about his time in Vietnam as a marine. We discussed his military service as well as how it has affected his life.

Evelyn Barnett asks her Papa Richard Harless about what it was like being in the military and how he met her Nana. Pt 3

I ask my Papa about his how he met my Nana and his time in the Military. The Interview took place in Oxford Mississippi over the phone. The Interview took place on Saturday the 24th and 8:00 am. I interviewed...