Wilson Wicks Vietnam War

Vietnam veteran recounting his experience on the front line

"Don't Volunteer"! Just kidding…

Thomas was drafted and served with distinction, but he never signed up for that life!

Mike Ashenbraner

his life and what he would do differently

Vietnam to America

My uncle talks about his journey from Vietnam to America and his opinions on what America was like compared to Vietnam

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Interviewing my grandfather about his life and beliefs.

Interview with my Grandma and Grandpa

Learned new interesting, valuable things about my grandparents. Very fun project and I’m so happy I did it.

Interviewing My Poppa

My interview with my Poppa about how life was different when he grew up and when I grew up.

The Story of Respect

Respect has different meanings for every one, but most of all it means love. Love and respect go hand and hand.

Maggie Komp and her grandfather Kenny Mahoney talk about growing up in the South side of Louisville in the 1960s

In this interview, conducted November 28, 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky, Maggie Komp (18), interviews her grandfather, Kenneth Mahoney (65), about his childhood in South Lousiville. Kenneth talks about his family life and social aspects of the 50s, 60s, and 70s,...

The Life of Vietnamese-American Immigrant

An exploration into the life of my mother, a Vietnamese-American immigrant who experienced culture shock when she and her family fled her home to an unfamiliar land.

Edwin interview

Mr Edwin Wilson describes his life during the Vietnam war

Kelly Cameron and Ernest Washington

Dr. Kelly Cameron (52) interviews his mentor, Mr. Ernest "Ernie" Washington Jr. (73), about his service in the military during the Vietnam War and Civil Rights Movement. They also discuss Mr. Washington's role in being a founding member of Concerned...

Grandpa’s life
January 13, 2019 App Interview

I got a lot from this experience and I learned more about my grandpa that I think I ever have

Patrick O’Brien and David Wilkes

David Wilkes interviews his Grandfather, Patrick O’Brien about his immigration to the US, his service in the Vietnam, his career and family.

Vietnam War interview

Irma is a grandmother that lived during the Vietnam War. The lady that is talking in Spanish, Lianys, is translating for her

Oral History of Captain Bruce W Rider, USAF (Retired) Part 2

Bruce Rider talks about coming home from the Vietnam War and losing his vision.

Oral History of Captain Bruce W Rider, USAF (Retired)

This is part one of the story of Bruce Rider. A retired Vietnam War Veteran talks about his childhood, education, and joining the military.

Dan Heale and Melissa Huff Althoff – Father/Son Veterans' Honor Flight for service in WWII and Vietnam War

Dan Heale talks with his niece Melissa Huff Althoff about his experience of taking an Honor Flight with his father Tom Heale (then just shy of 100 years old) accompanied by nephew Jon Huff from Dayton, OH to Washington D.C....

Vietnam War

My grandpa explained his experience in Vietnam War